Totally Incomplete and Utterly Unfinished List of “Non White Male” Designers to Follow and Listen to.

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Design is diverse

Give credit where credit is due

Divers Voices of Design

Chris Do — Founder of Blind

Vicki Tan — Lead Product Designer at Headspace

Benjamin Evans — Design Lead, Anti-Discrimination Team at Airbnb

Marissa Louie — CEO & Chief Designer at Animoodles

Dan Mall — Design leader, founder/director of SuperFriendly, co-founder/CEO of SuperBooked

Julie Zhuo — VP, Product Design at Facebook

Jen Cotton — Lead UX Designer at Amazon Alexa

Lola Oyelayo

Temi Adeniyi — Head of Design at Blinkist

Pablo Stanley — Lead Designer for Invision Studio Platform & Co-Founder of Carbon Health: Modern Primary & Urgent Care

John Maeda — Global Head of Design at Automattic

Mona Patel — CEO of Motivate Design

Helen Tran — Founder & CEO of Try Jupiter

Leni Charles — Creative Director & Founder of KIDS OF THE DIASPORA

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