The Five Step Plan to Breathrough Your Plateau

Are you a highly ambitious frustrated entrepreneur trying hard to breakthrough your plateau? Are you overwhelmed with everything life and business demands of you? Do you wish there was a systematic solution?

The Answer to your question -Yes, there is.

The Five Step plan will not only walk you through on planning your breakthrough, but also executing as well. To successfully achieve your breakthrough, it is important that you take actions on each step and then move to the next step. To assist you in the same, there is a 15-minute workshop style video and tool available wherever you see a link. This will let you see the results as you go along the journey.

Let’s get started…


The First step is to define the big vision of the little things and then the big picture. The root problem is not in the big dream, but it is in how you are chasing it. Please see few examples below of addressing the big vision of all the small things in life and business and the tools that go along with it:

Once you have built the chase, It’s time to Think BIG about your big dream.

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The second step is to Understand the Root Cause of “Why aren’t you there today?” Ask yourself “What are the top obstacles or opposition that is preventing me from getting there?”

Ask yourself the WHY question Five Times in order to understand the main reasons of prevention and opposition to you being there. You will now have had solved multiple problems in your business with a few core ideas and some “aha” moments in your thinking and some “oops” moments.

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Leverage your “Aha” and Change your “oops”. What you want is to think 10X on your bright ideas or “aha” moments that you feel you can take it to another level. The “oops” elements are the ones you want to change. It is very important that you understand the difference between the words “Change” and “Improve”. You want to “change” “what’s not working” for you and you want to “improve” “what’s working” for you.

This is how transformation happens. The transformation happens in your thinking first and then in its actions.

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After transforming your thinking, put everything in a sequence or a process. Now that you have understood the transformation that you can bring about, put each one of the transformation into a process or a sequence.

Here’s a reality in business, you always need to be ready with Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D. Sticking your energy and efforts into just one idea or one plan can many a times turn to be disastrous.

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Assign a Website Address — WWW — Who, What, When. Now it’s time to assign accountability to all your steps in the process and sequence. WHEN plays a key role. Without a deadline, nothing ever happens.

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There you go, now you have so many website addresses and it is time for ACTION! Take it to your team, your people, your contacts, your resources, your family, and yourself. Make it happen…You owe it to yourself.

Hope you have enjoyed this journey of creating actions that can absolutely positively impact your life and business and make a big difference. Looking forward to connecting with you on the One Year Breakthrough workshop.

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