I recently tasked with migrating Carbon Applications developed to ESB 4.8.1 to EI 6.6. During the task, I thought it would help someone if they had to follow the same path.

Log 1.

First of all, You need WSO2 Integration Studio to do the development. You can download it from this link https://wso2.com/integration/integration-studio/ if you don’t know what WSO2 Integration Studio is, It is the “WSO2 Integration Studio is a drag-and-drop graphical development environment for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator.” It is actually pretty easy to build something when you first know which part to drag and drop.

So now let’s open…

It was horrible.
But I didn’t know at the time.

His screams continued into the ward, Out of my view. The doctor at the front desk felt threatened and surprised by his actions. Of course, he was a giant tall dude but the hospital was their jurisdiction. She was stormed into ward raising many questions.

It was past midnight. A burnt smell captured my attention. The limits of the scooter were tested. There was significant smoke coming from the engine. “I can’t breathe” I heard he was trying to answer medical staff’s questions, mostly grunt noises. Voices began to dissolve…

There is no doubt that Google is the first search engine we turn to search for something on the Internet. It has many cool features (some copied from DuckDuckGo too ;) ) Most of the time their machine learning-powered algorithm returns best results for our search term. With all cool stuff, recent experiences make me think whether Google is the best search engine for pirated content too. WHAAAT?

Let say we search for a tv series to watch online free? Let assume the Big Bang Theory. If we search

Most of these search results lead to original contents where you…

Menuka Ishan

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