Chapter 1

Day to Day

My alarms going off, probably for the third time, I rush to turn it off and try to catch 5 more minutes of sleep. That turned into being 30 minutes late for work, luckily my start time is flexible. I texted my manager if he’d like anything from Tim’s (Tim Hortons), I was always told if you’re going to be late at least bring coffee. The list usually consists of a Hot Chocolate, Tea with 3 cream and a double double. If it was payday a dozen doughnuts to match, today that wasn’t the case plus I’m trying to eat healthier.

Living in Edmonton you grow to appreciate coffee providers like Mcdonald’s and Tim Hortons the Dunkin Doughnuts of Canada. With 6 month winters you tend to rely on the fastest coffee slingers, in all of North America. At least in my eyes, not to be biased because of my Filipino background. But you can’t deny that majority of the employee’s at Tim’s & McDonalds are of Filipino descend.

For a coffee in under 5 minutes rushing to work it definitely helps me with my mornings. The food isn’t great definitely not my favourite but it’s convenient. You may be apart of the coffee snob community and think eww gross, I prefer Starbucks or at least second cup. Well relax I also try to dabble in the finer things, just not on a day to day basis. My high end poison is an Americano with 3 of those brown sugar packs.

When I get to work I distribute the beverages, and do my best to get the small talk out of the way. How are you? Man the traffics awful! The weather’s awful! Edmonton Drivers are awful. Which is the general consensus of small talk topics. This of course is based on the many hat’s or jobs I’ve experienced. Honorable mention “how bout them Oilers,” (our once ray of sunshine that produced the Great One). As soon as the small talks done I rush to my cubicle and set up my laptop, okay maybe not rush I’m not dying to get started. But I’m not excited to keep the small talk going either. I consider myself a goal oriented individual and talking about nothing usually bores me quite quickly.

I get comfy in my chair, turn on the PC and hear the welcoming sounds of Windows Media! Thank you Mr. Gates! Then I get my battle with microsoft word and excel started. I’m fearless though, I’m not scared of this, I have a conference call at 1pm and I need to get my story straight, on why we’re behind schedule. There’s projects we projected to be finished last week and they are still incomplete. After analyzing the miscues and explaining to my managers about: the materials we’re waiting on, the techs having to travel 6 hours from another town. Yadda yadda yadda, I doubt you want me to get into explicit detail about being a Project Coordinator. I do have to say though It’s not all bad, I’m lucky enough to work for managers who trust me on my ability to adapt and make decisions. To learn on the spot and let me take lead when I need to, it’s nice. Definitely a good feeling, for someone who has landed jobs not with a diploma or degree but the mindset and work ethic of an I’m-migrant.