PS your argument about North Korea was wrong
You just demonstrated that YOU are very intolerant.
Sceptical Meerkat

how so ?

Also this “ it did not matter if he was right or wrong.” applies to your own comment too by the way. You could not not help but point out that I was wrong even though its totally irrelevant to your point. Couldn’t help yourself, could you?

>You just demonstrated that YOU are very intolerant.

How is my intolerance it relevant to the topic, why can’t you just stick to the hypothetical scenario that you yourself setup.

Funny that you main complaint was that i didn’t stick to your hypothetical scenario.

Perhaps Try again without calling me names ? Or Atleast try to be consistent for the sake of discussion. I was merely contradicting your point for sake of discussion, I don’t have a dog in this game. But you seem to be too emotionally invested in this to resort to name calling as soon as someone says (even if incorrectly ) anything that doesn’t fit your worldview ( that exact thing you seem to have problem with when others do it ) .

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