To the friend who can join me to elude this world

I remember the day when I ask her to accomodate me somewhere because something inside of me wants to explode, I remain quiet, find a silent place in our school canteen and when we seated without any words I cried until I can’t breath she was shock but she remain silent.

I remember the first phase of our friendship, she smiles alot and talks about 1D and EXO, she let me hear her ideas about her novel, that day I knew that she’s a hopeless romantic. When where classmate in one subject, I always sit beside her because were just the only person that know each other, we talks alot until I shared a lot about myself, I tell stories and she listen and laugh, that day I think she found out that she’s in danger because im the most silly person she’ll ever know.

I remember the time when I tell stories about my crushes and join me when I got “kilig" but at the end told me that I should not assume often and when she always try to let me notice when my crush is out there near me. Maybe she finds it cute when in fact I find it a torture.

I remember the time when dreams and encouragement are the only thing that we have. A day that we wanna feel depress and hate the world, yet keep fighting to do not quit life and just listen to our endless drama that this life offer.

We cry, we laugh, we celebrate, we got mad, we found something that others cant find and with that I found the best quality that I need when I want to scape in this world.

I don’t usually show my other side to anyone, the side of a broken version of myself. Sometimes I let the partial side but not the whole, to others I cry but laugh immediately but with her I cry hard then laugh when I can.

She thinks that she’s hard to love but she’s a really loving person, she always say that she had this “resting b**ch face" but for me its her neutral face, she can show you her best version just allowed her and trust her when she says that she can because she really can.

She’s not affectionate but she can have time for you, she had a bad patience but she can listen to you with your endless dram. She is the most understanding person I know, she will not judge you nor let you feel that you are a less of a person because she always believe in you.

She can equal the love that you can give yet trying her best to give more because she knows that you deserve it.

I dont think I can find another version of her because she’s one of a kind. I hope she know this thing, because when I want to run in this world I know that she can join me but with a little bit of persuasion I think, cause knowing her she’ll ask her mother first and when she did not agree we will escape and run together.

She deserve to have a life.
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