6 min readMay 7, 2023

Hello Frens,

My name is Mephisto and I am a proponent of decentralization. Who I am and my background is not important because at somepoint I will be departed and the system I leave you will propel you forward. And no I am not Ryoshiresearch or claiming to have any ‘connection’ with them. I am just some guy trying to follow the same star that they follow. (as it should be) you can see by the deployment address and this article that I am not trying to larp or give inflection that I am in fact someone important.

The reason we are gathered here today is to go back to our roots, before all of the defi and cefi rugs and corrupt individuals attempted to take us away from the scented garden of trustlessness. I, just like Ryoshiresearch in 2020 wanted to see a way to give the people a thing to make their own and see what they can build together.

Because of this, I should say clearly there is no dev supply, and no early frens sniping. In fact because of how the distribution is structured with the paperdrop, early snipers will probably be sold against by airdrop claimers.

This all succeeds in the most perfect of storm of distributed supply from which true growth can occur. We want the feeling like “nobody ever has enough” and those that own Osaka Protocol and on the other side of the same good coin, we want all owner of $OSAK to understand that if you own 1% of the coin, then you are 1% dev and 1% responsibility.

Because of this, after setting in motion the initial distribution schedule, I will be just as important or less or more as you, based on how much of the supply I own. This means of course that we are setting a few “rules” for Phase 1 of Osaka Protocol (Phase 2 to be revealed shortly) , which emulate the original rules of Shiba Inu, before it was taken over by you know who.

1- There is no dev, you are the dev, this means that peoples writing me and asking to pay them for exchange listing, dextool trending, marketing services and comfort companions will just be directed to this article. If you want something to happen, then grab a bag and DIY. No exceptions no secret team paying things. I actually mean this

2- I Mephisto, have to buy my bags too. This is the way it has to be, I will be buying and selling just like you. I will pay a fair market price like all others for my bags and work accordingly

3- The supply is the same as the original Shiba Inu, the contract is the same. The contract is a simple ERC20 that cannot be adjusted or changed or rugged by anybody including me or Vitalik

4- The Liquidity was deployed with 10eth paired against 10% the supply. Kekboys will probably snipe this and think they are smart, but that is just the start. The full Tokenomics are as follows:

10 % — To Initial LP.

30% to Airdrop to Sold Shiba sadboys according to the formula in the appendix below

10% — to 45 day LP farm incentive to encourage steaking

50% — tokens to Ryoshiresearch ShibaDeployer 0xB8f226dDb7bC672E27dffB67e4adAbFa8c0dFA08

Any of the airdrop not claimed within 45 days by SoldShibaSadBoys will be then put into a new LP incentive to run for 180 days. We assume some will forget to claim so the LP incentive may be substantial

wait what? Ok there is a lot of explaining to do :0

Let’s go step by step.

Just like ryoshiresearch I am donating 10eth “for teh ppl” and pairing it vs 10% the supply. When Ryoshi did this with Shiba, they sent the LP tokens to vitalik, well since the woofmesiter is a confirmed rugger we aren’t going to send him the coins, rather we will just send them to Ryoshi for their approval and forever hold.

I am also sending 50% the supply to Ryoshi. Because? Well why not, they sent to vitalik because they believed that in order for greatness to occur, there needed to be an Achilles heel. Fun experiment. All you kekboys larp that ryoshi is involved in this and that project but you never send him the coins. Well we aren;t saying Ryoshi is involved or even active or knows about it, but we are sending her the coins. So if she is then she will send us a signal maybe

for 10% the supply I will start a 45 day LP farm. Simply put you deposit your OSAK/ETH LP token from Uniswap V2 and it locks it until the end of the farm term and you will receive in proportion from 10% the supply of OSAK

For 30% the supply, this is where it starts to get fun. For those of us around and active in 2020, there is a really good chance we all have one of those “transactions”

you know back then Shiba was just some coin everybody traded for a little while and then forgot and moved on. So many of us sold for $325 what later would have been worth 20million dollars at the top. HAHA. Me as well :-D

Well many of us have talked about these sells, being the worst mistake of our lives and etc etc.. but the reality is that even if we didn’t sell our bag for $325 then we would have sold out on the first or second or 3rd pump. Maybe would have walked away with 10k. The reality is the only “lottery ticket” winners were the ones who were out of crypto and not active or couldn’t find their keys or crazy rich already. There is no way that any sane human at the time would have held that high as the common conception was that Shiba was a short lived larp.

But here we are an we have another chance (don’t paperhand this anon) where all the “shiba sellers” get the airdrop of 30% the supply of Osaka Protocol. It is calculated in this way

1- First off we track via wallet and the largest single sell of Shiba between Shiba Deployment date and April 1st 2021. April 1st was around where supply was properly spread, paperhands were out and it started a proper retail accumulation and pump. So for instance if your wallet sold 100 Shiba in October, 1000 in November and 50 in January, then you will have the weight for airdrop of 1000 as that is your largest single sell

2- contracts have been excluded to make sure MEV bots has been excluded.

3 — any amount of Shiba still sitting in the wallet on April 1st 2021 will be subtracted from your wallet weight. So if your weight was 1000 for your biggest sell, but had 600 shiba in your wallet still on April first, then your weight is 400. This airdrop is only for paperhands

4- there may be other minor adjustments after we look at all the weights if something seems off. All decisions of the management are final we cannot adjust anything after deployment so if you got the short end of things, then we apologize but nothing can be changed at this point.

5- lastly, there will be a 45 day claim window for the Osaka Protocol Paper drop. Where you have only until the end to claim your OSAK. Many will miss out. This is how it must be

That is all for Phase 1, Phase 2 will be revealed after proper decentralization distribution of Osaka Protocol (hint: you will enjoy this)

frens always and 4ever