Another fine week with M+!

It would seem that nothing can do April Sunday better than a good weather. But here we are with our traditional weekly report to make our users even happier with updates on M+!
This week we’ve been working with M+ design a lot. We’ve changed the page layout which is especially significant for smartphones and devices with a small display. M+ looks much better now and special credit for that goes to our users who keep suggesting their ideas on M+ improvement. Thank you for your participation!

And now let’s tell you some details about new features:

  • Pasting metadata to a single file
    We want M+ to be intuitive and require as little mouse movements as possible to use and navigate. This is why once you copy some metadata you’ll notice a new icon right on every file preview that allows you to replace the current metadata of a file with the one you’ve copied.
  • Better design
    Great news everyone, especially those who use M+ on mobile devices! We’ve reworked the design and made it much more ergonomic. Check it out!
  • Optimized checkbox
    We care about our users and always make sure everyone can work with M+ without any problems, so now you won’t meet any trouble using checkboxes even if your device has a small screen.
  • Corrected positioning of the agency status menu
    It works fine on any device with any display now.
  • Clearing files metadata
    We can’t stand annoying bugs and fix them as soon as we spot them. From now on clicking on the metadata clear button will remove all information with no exceptions — just as it supposed to do.
  • Search by several IDs
    You can insert several IDs and separate them with any symbols (like spaces, semicolons or commas) and you’ll get all desired files in the search results.
  • Occasional M+ error elliminated
    We’ve spent almost a half of a year continuously working on M+ and that requires periodic server restarts. Those restarts were causing harmless error messages that were quite annoying for our users. We don’t want to worry our users though so from now on you would only receive an error notification when some real problem occurs.
  • Uploading of files whose names end with a plus sign
    We’ve found and immediately fixed a rare and really weird bug: now you can upload files with their names ending with a plus sign without any problems.

That’s all for today. Which feature did you look forward to the most? What would you like to be added to our service? Please, share your opinion in the comments below or in our Telegram channel.