What is Good Writing?

Good writing, I believe, is when the author is able to clearly and efficiently communicate their point or ideas to the reader. It’s painting a picture for the readers to see things the way you see them. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a work of fiction, and you wish the readers to envision the castle the way your mind’s eye sees it; or if it’s a new report and you need readers to understand and agree with your point of view.

Good writing is full of correctly punctuated sentences and fully formed thoughts. It has a flow and a rhythm to it and within that rhythm you see the author’s voice. You see life for a moment how they do and that to me is good writing.

Good writing is taking real facts and putting them on paper, with no outside bias or personal opinion to muddy them up. A good writer will let the facts speak for themselves. A good writer allows the words, not their own opinion, to sway others.

However, I would argue, there is something beyond a good writer and that is: an excellent one. An excellent writer inspires others with their words. They start revolutions, inspire and empower the weak, and they control the people.

Have you ever thought about it that way? That those in power are still subject to those who hold the quill or pen? The truly powerful people in this world are those who write.

There is life and death within words; they have the power to motivate armies to move and can send cities into chaos. A truly excellent writer knows how to walk this line and to use their words for good. Good writing knows the line and when to cross, and when to stay.

There is a difference between good and excellent writing. Good writers are rare to find, they follow all of the rules of grammar, punctuation and paint such a picture that would make your imagination soar and your heart beat. But an excellent writer causes those words to turn into action and action leads to revolution and change: that is what excellent writing is.

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