What Men Want Vs Their Need Based On Their Zodiac!

If only we understood the different complex layers involved in dating, then we would have all been in peace. Each individual is different from the other, but again every man, based on his zodiac, reflects similar nature.

What you want: An Aries man is attracted to women who play hard to get or are not swayed easily with his charisma. He likes the thrill of wooing them and it helps in boosting his ego as well.

What you need: An Aries man needs an independent woman, who is feisty but at the same time can complement his nature. Someone who can face him and won’t cower when it is required. Because an Aries is known for his temper and insecurities, so he could do well with a mirror image of himself as well.

What you want: He wants someone who is way beyond his league and is a champion of all trades, or at least comes across as one. A woman who he can bestow his love upon more than she does, and someone he can be a secure place for.

What you need: However, he needs someone who he can call his safe heaven and who doesn’t scare easily. Someone who has quite a few tricks up her sleeve to win his affection and trust. He needs a woman who can keep his anger in check.

What you want: A Gemini man looks for women who can match his enthusiasm, energy and his intellect. They want someone who does not crawl into their space or try to completely understand them as they feel they are too complex and like to maintain their mystery.

What you need: A Gemini needs a partner who turns out to be his confidante and completely understands you. Someone who fits in easily in their space and is able to share a conversation at length and on anything and everything. They are willing to let go of their mysterious nature if shown that love is better off without it.

What you want: Someone you can just blend well with, mind and body, without having to unravel too many layers. Cancerians sort of consider their relation as a project and they feel anybody can be changed if they are loved well.

What you need: You need a partner who is loyal and is a sucker for long-term relationship. You are better off with someone who is not afraid of commitments and is willing to meet you half-way to make the relation work, is trustworthy and can boost your confidence.

Leo: July 23rd- August 22nd

What you want: You want someone who is as witty as you and can take your jibes and give it back to you as well. You look for people who can massage your ego. You naturally pay attention to people who give you a tough time and play hard to get.

What you need: You need to be with someone who understands your mood and temperament. A partner who won’t fight with you over anything. Someone who always encourages you to fulfil your dreams. You are not compatible with people who try to control you or imply restrictions in the name of love.

Virgo: August 23rd- September 22nd

What you want: You look for people who don’t try to understand you completely as you too do not open up much. You are a perfectionist and hence there is a checklist that you tick mark before you date anyone. You want someone who will let you be in control of everything.

What you need: You have a smooth sail with people who can form a connection with you on a deeper level. Someone who is not shallow or sly, and is intellectual enough to hold a conversation with you. Someone who lets you be yourself without any expectation. You are not the one to play any mind games and hence you need a partner who does not either.

Libra: September 23rd- October 22nd

What you want: Libran men are so hard to please and read. You want someone who will shower you with love even though you may not reciprocate the same. You want someone who will worship you, be affectionate towards you without you having to ask for.

What you need: He needs to be with someone who can truly make him happy and add value to his life. A partner who is as romantic as he is and is willing to create beautiful memories together.

Scorpio: October 23rd- November 21st

What you want: A Scorpio man is all about passion and vigour. He feels he wants someone who is hard to get or is out of his league. He wants someone who can match his passion and can make him crazy in love.

What you need: But all said and done, a Scorpio man needs to be with someone who accepts him whole heartedly for all his perks and extremes. Since this sign can be a tad extra jealous, they need someone who knows how to douse it naturally. You need someone who places trust and loyalty above everything else and would not compromise on this. Someone who will make you feel wanted the same way, they did before.

Sagittarius: November 22nd- December 21st

What you want: You want someone who you can be head over heels in love with. You want a partner who matches your wavelength and is up for any adventure or spontaneous fun. Someone who will take you up on any adventurous idea you come up with in your head without second-guessing.

What you need: Someone who doesn’t keep trying to escape you, but who wants to know you while giving you the freedom to be yourself and do the things you want. Someone who makes you actually want to commit. Someone who is willing to be adventurous with you while also bringing you back to the real world every once in a while.

Capricorn: December 22nd- January 19th

What you want: You look for a partner who is independent and also appreciates your independence. You want someone you can always look up to as it inspires you to do even better

What you need: You don’t need someone to lecture you on your freedom but a partner who pushed you to get the best out of your creative freedom. You need someone to be passionate with yearn to do better in life but is not afraid of asking for your help here and then. Aquarius: January 20th- February 18th

What you want: An Aquarius again, wants someone who is just like them. A partner who possesses all your qualities, the good and the bad. Aquarius can be overboard in love and they want someone who can keep them grounded. They want someone who can make them feel wanted.

What you need: You need someone who compliments you and your nature, and not a splitting image of you. You don’t need someone who constantly tries to bring out changes in you or fix you.

Pisces: February 19th- March 20th

What you want: Someone who gives you butterflies and you feel all sorts of feeling. You want someone who you can look up to and admire. Someone you daydream about and who inspires you, basically someone who serves as your muse.

What you need: You need someone who isn’t afraid of showing you commitment and brings out the inner child in you. You are a simple man, who loos for little joys out of life and relationships. You need to be someone who will work things out with you and stick with you, when chips are down. A practical yet fulfilling relationship is what makes you tick.



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