After a very long time Nokia Is Re-Launching The 3310, World’s Most Beloved Phone with new Features in 2017.

That we all knows! In the year 2000, Nokia Company has released the 3310 mobile phone, a phone that changed the entire mobile phone industry. And now, after 17 years, they are re-launching it in the mobile industry.

According to the leak by Evan Blass, the cost of this phone will be arround €59 (around $62) and will be revealed among Nokia’s new smartphones during the Mobile World Congress on February 26th. We will get now same mobile that we had in year 2000 but now this phone has now extra function to operate this phone very well.

The company’s legendary phone now became user favorite too and an internet meme for its ruggedness and seemingly long battery life. But when other mobile companies moved to touchscreens, Nokia’s work hard has started now. Hopefully, Nokia 3310 will put an end to it once again in 2017 with extra features.