Are you going to a workshop for your bike/scooter servicing? These pre-visit checks will help you!

Some preparation needs to be done by every vehicle owner/rider before handing over the vehicle to the workshop. This practice helps in long trouble free ownership experience & more importantly, workshop guys would not take you for a ride.

Before handing over the vehicle to workshop:

Check, Check & Check!
  1. Thoroughly inspect: Firstly, thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any possible leakage of oil or fuel etc. Also thoroughly check the working of all electrical on the vehicle (You would not like to receive a call where in workshop guys mention that two indicator bulbs need to be replaced, or oil is leaking form here or there etc). Thoroughly check if any part needs replacement.
Write, Write & Your are right!

2. Make a list: Make a list of your observations/troubles you are facing with your vehicle. I again insist to make a list & this becomes more important as the vehicle ages. Also refer owner’s manual to check the necessary jobs to be done in that particular service. I myself cannot count how many times, I recall a minor problem that was not rectified as I didn’t mentioned & workshop guys didn’t noticed.

You are ready to ride down to the workshop in style. Yeah!!!

Handing over the bike to workshop:

  1. Job card Documentation: Documentation of job card is very important step. Ensure that all your observations of the list are documented on the job card. If it is not on the job card, it will be missed during the service. Also document carefully all the accessories scratches & dent marks on the vehicle. If necessary, take photographs. This will help you in case the workshop guys play hanky panky.
It ain’t mentioned; It won’t be done. Period.

2. Unnecessary parts replacement, additives etc: If these are not mentioned on the maintenance chart or you feel unnecessary, deny them! No matter how hard the guy want to sell it to you. Additives for engine oil & fuel etc are best avoided; unless specifically mentioned in owners manual. Nobody likes to spend their hard earned money for nothing.

Don’t buy the miracle additives!

3. Timely delivery of vehicle: Insist on timely delivery of vehicle as per the schedule comfortable to you.

Your Time is Priceless!
Ready to ride down the fast lane like Tom Cruise.