Experience handmade jewelry from your phone!

Stone Triangle Charm Necklace Via Friction Jewelry Website

If you have been following us for a while now, then you probably already know that we help you try on necklaces & chokers from your phone. We know it could be a pain for a lot of women out there to shop these accessories online and therefore we wanted to be the first to let you actually try it before you buy it. This blog isn’t about this though, but rather about an exciting new designer joining us on Meraya! Ladies, we bring you Friction Jewelry, a San Diego based handmade jewelry store with NYC holiday pop-up shop!

One of Friction Jewelry's timeless unique Pieces via Instagram

What is great about Friction Jewelry, is their simple, elegant and trendy necklaces that never go out of style. Jewelry pieces get customized or retouched to add more personality and uniqueness to it. If you check their website out, you will see that they offer 3 main categories: Charm necklaces, leaf necklaces & personalized jewelry. Each category filled with a great collection of reasonably priced jewelry pieces.

Even better now, now you can try all of them through your phone. Just download the app and you it would be as if you paid Friction Jewelry an actual visit to the store. While a jewelry website could provide several images for you to imagine how it will fall on your neck, we give you the same experience but with the powerful add-on of actually visualizing one of Friction Jewelry lovely pieces on yourself.

That is it for now & look forward for more exciting brands on Meraya!

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