Women’s Health is Health, it’s health, it’s health, it’s health! It’s not some “other” thing. It is simply health.

There is currently a lot of turmoil going on with the Affordable Care Act and what to do with it. As a woman I’m flabbergasted, YES, STRAIGHT UP FLABBERGASTED with the rhetoric that is not only coming from our “Out-of-Touch-Old-White-Guys” on Capitol Hill but from other Women.

Women who are or have been at some point in their lives sexually active. Women who are nurses in charge of taking care of other women. Women who have given birth themselves. Women who have had periods. Women who have experienced painful periods.

These women do not see things as they really are. Which is… Women are being penalized for being women.
For millennia women have been penalized for being women and are still being penalized. These women are using the fact that women gloriously survived their mistreatment in the past as a means to justify the further mistreatment.

I’ll give an example that happened today. A nurse is on Facebook telling the world that women should “Take a penny and put it between your knees and hold it tight so it won’t fall” and that “Abstinence is also another alternative” and for us to “take responsibility for our actions” and “she had a baby 40 years ago without insurance and had to pay the doctor back by taking extra jobs in which her husband worked as the mall Santa to cover the costs” and if “people want to have sex and start families then they need to be an adult and pay for it themselves”.

Newsflash: People are already paying for it themselves. The reason someone has a health insurance plan is to help pay for health related expenses. Most people pay $$$ per month for their plan and don’t even go to the doctor. The reason we pay $$$ per month is so that we can make a gigantic pool of money so that in the instance of someone needing to pay $$,$$$$ for medical care or $$$,$$$ or $,$$$,$$$$ those costs are covered. We begrudgingly or thankfully pay our $,$$$ deductible to save our family and society from financial collapse.

It’s as if they don’t understand how insurance works. We have systems in place to absorb the variation in costs. Plus, it’s not like we have a crystal ball to tell us exactly how much a pregnancy will cost a family until it is over. It can be anywhere from $2K to 100K dollars. The average C-section is $30K. It is unrealistic to except a family to budget $30K of post-tax cash ready to spend per child when they simply want to give birth to little people that looks just like them. Families are already paying thousands of dollars per year on insurance. Their insurance should cover those costs not threaten to drop a women’s coverage once they become pregnant or deny them access to healthcare because pregnancy is potentially complicated and the insurance company does not want to pay for it.

There is also this argument of what aspects of health that health insurance should cover. Sorry if I sound naive (actually I’m not sorry) but shouldn’t health insurance cover health related expenses? Why should the American people pay hundreds of dollars per month to buy into health insurance if it doesn’t even cover health related items? Isn’t that the point of health insurance? Why should we pay for health insurance if we can’t even receive healthcare that we already paid for?

There are dangerous ideas circulating that health insurance companies should not be responsible for providing certain types of healthcare to the very people funding their existence (people being ME, along with millions of others paying the premium). Specially for women’s health issues such as birth control and pregnancy.

People outside the world of health insurance companies are saying “If you wanna have sex and have a family then pay for it yourself”. This whole time I thought that me having and paying for Health Insurance we me “PAYING FOR IT OWN DANG SELF” but whatever.

The sad thing is this goes much deeper. What these people are really thinking is that “Women’s Health” is not synonymous with “Health”. Like “Women’s Health” is this “Other Thing” and that it’s “not the same as normal health” and that “it’s such a burden on society” and that we would be much better off we would stop talking about it and wanting people to pay attention to it.

Last time I check if I needed birth control I have to get it from a doctor. This automatically makes it a healthcare issue. If I want to have a baby I need a doctor as well, thus making it another healthcare issue; AUTOMATICALLY, since it’s dealing with the human body.

These people don’t want women having sex and if they are having sex they only want women to have it under their narrow definition of sex. Not only do they want to control when unmarried women have sex but these limitations impact married women as well. Remember the nurse lady? She suggested the pull out method as an effective form of birth control for married women. Since that is what our “mothers and grandmothers did” (which is total bologna since the pull out method is only about 70% effective depending on the dude, which is not good enough for me and see seems to not know about the coat hanger abortions and poisonous concoctions women would drink in the name of “Getting their menses back”.) All women should have the same access to birth control, whether they are married or not is none of our business. Period. (pun intended)

Let’s not forgot that there were systems put in place for millennia to keep women subject to men and other horrible realities.

Nurse lady speaks about how she had to pay out of pocket 40 years ago to cover the cost of her child but there should have been systems put in place even back then that would allow her easy access to affordable health insurance. She and her husband should have not had to go into deep debt to pay for something (childbirth) that has been happening since the beginning of time. Just because she endured a wrong in the past doesn’t mean that we have to live her same fate.

My own grandmother gave birth in her living room. By.Her.Self. with no doctor present while her husband was at work. I admire her grit but I know she really gave birth in her living room because she didn’t have any other choice. She was a Black lady with an 8th grade education in 1960. She should not have had to do that. She should have been in a hospital or had a doctor there or at least some more choice in the matter. Although she did not die from that experience image all of the other women that did doing the exact same thing?

Thank God that things are better now. However, it appears that these people are not pleased with things getting better. They see progress as a way to rob us our grit. (it’s not, it only opens us up to brand new challenges to solve). They think that since people of the past endure such hardship it’s okay for us to endure the exact same hardships as well. But we don’t have to. Why should we? Isn’t the responsible thing to do as a person is to leave the world better than you found it? If the world is better, then why can’t we enjoy that betterment?

May I also point out that their concept of “Self-Reliance” is not actually self-reliance. Most people are not self-reliant and self-reliance is a total myth. We depend on other people and systems to live. If you use electricity, have health insurance, have an auto home or life insurance policy, take a mortgage interest tax deduction, child tax deduction, married person tax deduction, is a married person, attended a public school, shopped at a grocery store, used a pencil, used the library or drove, biked or walked down a street paid for via US tax dollars, etc, etc, (I could go on forever and ever) then YOU ARE NOT SELF RELIANT and need to learn how to work with others and stop judging others because they are using the benefits of teamwork in a different way than you are.

Ok. Now back to women. It’s not like childbirth is this brand new thing that no one understands. It has been happening since the beginning of forever. And now we have all the tool to allow people to choose the path that best works for them.

Although we have the tools we are certainly not using them. Women are still being penalized for being women.

If a women choose to have a baby, they must not only endure pregnancy but have to pay extra healthcare costs on top of their normal premium. Let us not forget that healthcare companies are trying to treat pregnancy as a “pre-existing condition” to get out of providing coverage for it at all. Which is pretty much the most cowardly thing I have ever heard of.

If a woman chooses to wait to have children or not have children at all they are penalized by the healthcare community because they don’t want to cover the costs of the birth control. Even if it costs much less than a pregnancy. It’s a lose lose situation. Damned if you get pregnant and dammed if you try not to get pregnant. And don’t tell me about abstinence! I can guarantee you that the whole world does not want to practice abstinence. I’m a married women and I most certainly don’t practice it now.

What is so infuriating is that this fight was happening long before ACA and although it 2017 women’s health doesn’t appear to be a priority. Do we not have any reverence for the sacrifice and burden that is childbirth and motherhood? Do we have no respect or faith that women have the ability to make the choice from themselves on if or when to have their children? Do we not know that women’s rights are human’s rights and when women’s rights are respected the quality of life improves for both men and women?

Women should not be penalized for their God given ability to reproduce.

P.S. I’m pretty sure most people can still have sex, even with a penny between their knees.

P.S.S. I think that men’s health stuff like Viagra and vasectomies should be covered by insurance as well

P.S.S. I think that people too poor to pay for insurance themselves should have a way to receive care as well because in some twisted way we benefit from their employers not paying them a living wage in the name of cheap and easy goods and services.