Teams for Good

The Problem: How might we help highly skilled working professionals address problems in their local community while effectively utilizing their skills in a meaningful way?

The goal was to design a companion website for that centered around connecting individuals with volunteering opportunities; a pivot from the original model of connecting individuals with freelance jobs.

I was able to work with two other designers on this concept project for during a two week design sprint. My role was UX Researcher, UX Designer and interaction and visual designer.

Early Sketches

After interviewing 5 professionals who have experience in nonprofits and surveying approximately 40 individuals who have personally volunteered we discovered that more often than not, volunteers aren’t using their skills effectively.

Our first design included a 5 step onboarding questionnaire to simplify the process of matching volunteers with the right opportunities. Each organization and volunteer would be asked a series of question to access each party’s needs. Once matched the conversation would then begin between the two.

After initial feedback we realized we were restricting ourselves and the likelihood of each party being matched was very low. The design needed to pivot to focus more on the individual and less on the organization.

The Persona

Research results showed that not only are volunteers not using their skills effectively when volunteering but, many companies need a better way to organize group volunteering outings.

Emily-the event planner for her company wants to find a local cause for her team to volunteer with.

Pain Points: Lack of time, hard to coordinate, expenses and matching skill levels.

Design Iterations

To focus more on the individual who is trying to organize a group event or join an existing team, we first began sketching out the main pages of our site; home page, project page, team admin page.

Taking inspiration from sites like Reddit and Product Hunt, we incorporated the home page feed that shows trending volunteer opportunities and the ability to make group decisions based on group consensus.


The concept of crowdsourcing was huge in our design decision making. We wanted organizations to be able to post their volunteer projects and have volunteers view those most important or “trending” in their area.


Groups have the ability to bid on projects on behalf of their team. Group admins can bid, share and manage existing projects all on the same dashboard.

Teams for Good

Teams 4 Good is a companion site to Freelancer and so we wanted to keep with the existing brand but incorporate a volunteer aspect to it. Individuals can view, share and bid on projects posted by organizations. Organizations can approve groups, view groups and skill sets.

The platform allows both parties to have their needs met by successfully matching skill levels with the proper volunteering opportunities. It’s important for volunteers, and organizations alike, to be able to gather groups together to help solve, advocate or help improve existing community issues.

We aimed to solve the problem of helping others find problems to solve.