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Some of my suggestions for change would be to have LPs ask that at least one female partner be in all VC partner meetings and to set a quota for how many female-led companies each VC fund should push through to partner meetings per year. I am not asking VC’s to fund a company because it is female-led, but I am asking for female-led companies to have the chance to be screened in a partner meeting and more importantly, gain the crucial knowledge and experience of going through a full partner meeting. Silicon Valley funding often depends on intros, but this can be very difficult for international, female, minority and LGBTQ founders who don’t have the network. So I would like to see more opportunities for VC’s and diverse founders to meet. TechCrunch already does a great job at this with their Include Office Hours, where under-represented founders can meet with a variety of VCs. I personally was able to meet with Crunchfund and Homebrew during the two Include Office Hours I attended. The amount of learning a founder can gain from 15min with a top VC is really tremendous. In general, I want to see more female angel investors, more female VC partners, more female conference speakers, more females in tech and more female-led unicorns. I want to see females lifting females up, and then the knowledge trickling down to more and more of us. As long as there is an imbalance of power in the tech world, more situations like this will inevitably arise. We can change things by shifting the power dynamics, we can change things by running like hell to the top!