yoga mat.

she’s gotta be a feminist
the way she lets people up dog on her like she’s
kim k and the other is ray j.
she flaunts it as if she wants people to know that
she bears the “path to jubilation and alleviation”.
but really she is walked on, sweat on, used, and put to the side until she’s ready to be used again.

she a hoe.
she tries to act all “versatile”
and will tell you that she “loves to go camping”.
that bitch know that as soon as you two get in the tent
she is gonna be right up under you, between you and the ground.

she brags about flexibility and vitality.
she’ll tell you she likes it in the morning
and even at night
but she smell like balls
and feels like i need to wash my hands after touching her.

see you next tuesday.

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