I tried tracking my period and it was even worse than I could have imagined
Maggie Delano

The fertile window isn’t there to say “oh hey, have cis-gender worries like pregnancy!” it’s literally the marker for ovulation, which is one of the smallest phases of the cycle. Even as a Queer, non-kids wanting individual, your ovulation will affect your moods and other hormones since it’s on that day your body will release a ton of chemicals designed to make you want to get it on like no tomorrow, or have sudden mood swings outside of PMS or the gore fest. For a cis-gendered straight individual, it is the scariest window you will see (regardless of whether or not you want kids), and to be honest, those girls make up roughly 83% of the total global population. (LGBT as to current estimates only make up 17%)

Really, even if you aren’t one of those 83%, you still should want to see that window, because regardless of whether or not you’ll use it, whether or not you CAN, it is a very important biological process that happens regardless of who you like. As I mentioned before, if you are interested in seeing and predicting your mood, appetite, and sexual-craving changes, its vital. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you suffer side effects from sudden hormone fluctuation, (like me) you REALLY want to keep your eye on it, because unlike PMS/Mens, you don’t work your way into craziness, it hits you like a truck which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, and other flu-like symptoms.

So just to recap. Fertility(Ovulation) isn’t just a Cisgender-straight girl thing. It’s an “everyone born with a uterus and (semi)functional ovaries” thing. I don’t understand why people jump to conclusions over such a natural process that affects over half of all human beings.