The Quick and Easy Way to Connect With Your Audience

Are You struggling with the idea phase of your business? Does your plan change every time you see a pretty new website, an interesting topic you want to cover that has nothing to do with what you’ve already decided to do?

Do you feel lost with what you’re doing then find a blog or a business that’s doing what you wanted to do? It’s like they read your mind.

A month later you discover another blog doing something even better, and you want to incorporate that somehow. You’re idea hoarding. All this will do is confuse you and your audience.

Is there a doctor in the house?

I started a blog. I know this isn’t a revelation, everyone has a blog these days. I happen to be a perfectionist and a sufferer of shiny object syndrome. I’m also recovering from a deep seeded fear of what others think of me.

On top of all of that, I’m an idea hoarder. I want to create something meaningful for myself and others, but all I have is confused messaging.

I spent a year trying to figure out what I wanted to write about on my blog. This period wasn’t a year of setting up a blog or finding my audience. The time I spent was all about finding the right angle.

I didn’t need a doctor. I needed to turn down the valve on information overflow. In the end, fear, procrastination (a subset of fear) and TMI (too much information) cost me an entire year. Does this sound familiar to you?

A year of fighting myself summed up into a blog post.

These dilemmas are common to us all. If you’re dealing with this problem, you’re not alone. There are so many others who are still struggling with the idea phase of their business due to fear and TMI.

Where you’re going wrong

1. You don’t know yourself

I know, all the marketers say to focus on your audience. That’s all well and good, but you can’t relate to your audience when you don’t know where you stand.

Stop to understand yourself first. Then you can focus on an audience that will connect with you at a deeper level.

2. Not everyone has to care about your message.

Accepting that I had to leave someone out was difficult for me. I wanted everyone to connect with me, but in doing this, no one was connecting.

What is this project about and why does it matter to you?

Why does your topic matter to you? Answer this question without thinking about how many people this will resonate with or who else is doing it and how. Make it about you.


My blog is about the entrepreneurial mindset. I always knew that mindset was a game changer for me. The most important thing I learned is how to control or at least be aware of my mindset. This concept made a tremendous difference in the way I view failure and success. More important is this knowledge has given me the grit to keep going when everything in me tells me to give up. I wanted to share this with others.

What is your experience and how will you share it?

Drawing from your experience does not mean your experience will become your topic. I always thought I had to relate my blog back to business somehow. It makes sense since that’s what I know. I have a lot of value to add for a new or aspiring business owners. In particular, business owners that define themselves as introverts. I always keep this in mind when I write.

Your experience is only one aspect of you.

How will you relate your past experiences to new ideas?

Now that you’ve got your previous experience down how will you use it? If you have a lot of experience in Human Resources and you’re starting a blog about planning and organizing it may not seem relatable, but there are great examples of planning and organizing to draw from here.

What unique angle can you bring to this topic?

I’m an introvert. I know that introverts will have to overcome a particular set of business challenges. Challenges that others may take for granted, like networking and sales.

Do you find yourself stuck in “_____ is all I know, I don’t know anything else.”

If I look back at what I’ve done and my experience, I only see one thing. Admittedly, all I know is the subject of business. Even so, there are other things about myself that I want to share. They may not be how I’ve made a living, but they’re part of my story.

What parts of you will your business inherit?

The fact that I’m an introvert, my research, and dedication to learning and my passion for mindset are me. These things will also become part of my business’s DNA.

What are the challenges of this topic for you?

These are not challenges of the industry or challenges other entrepreneurs have had. This area is where we get stuck. We compare our unique situation to everyone else’s. Please unplug here and let the answers come from you, not influence from other media.

My real life example:

I know that as an introvert this aspect of me will affect the things that I have to say. It will affect how and if I have the courage to say them. I still haven’t figured out how to relate my personal brand in a way that will help others, but I’m working on it. Taking action and having faith that you’ll figure it out are crucial first moves.

What’s the lingo?

I didn’t understand the concept of introversion until I started learning about mindset. I always thought I was socially awkward or shy and an introvert was only another synonym for this. The word of the day.

That’s not the case, being an introvert is more complicated than simple shyness. Introversion is part of who I am. It doesn’t change. This concept poses another concern for me. I may be talking to introverts, but they may not understand that aspect of themselves yet.

Okay, that was a lot, thanks for listening. Anyhow, the point of that ramble was to emphasize the challenges you face may also be a consideration for your audience.

Think about your readers thought process as well. It’s all well and good to speak to someone but if they don’t understand that it’s them you’re speaking to, your wasting your time.

How do you get them to understand?

You teach them. For me it’s about using words like “shy” and “socially awkward” because those were the words I was using to describe myself before realizing I wasn’t shy or socially awkward, I am an introvert.

In summary

If you’re having trouble finding your focus or your business idea changes on a regular basis then you may need to look inward. Understand what you have to offer and why you care in the first place. You have unique value to give your audience. Start by being confident in your perspective. You’re giving more than just information. You’re giving your audience a piece of yourself, connection without the small talk.

There’s more where this came from, for more about business, mindset, moving forward and reinventing yourself visit my blog.