hmm. I’ve noticed something strange: the frequency at which commenters include the authors name…

jordan/nojordan If you can point to any quotes of mine where I defended Rose, by all means, feel free to produce it. Otherwise, you are talking out of your ass in an effort to signal your virtue across the internet. Merely pointing out that questioning an accuser’s motives or honesty is not defending gang rape — which by the way you are almost 100% sure Derrick Rose committed. Surely, you must know something we don’t, so why are you wasting your time talking with me when you clearly should be in that courtroom providing your clear and ample evidence that he is guilty?

(On a side note — Rose not knowing the word “consent” is hardly a surprise. Didn’t he have someone else take his SAT for him?)

Isn’t it tiring linking everything to sexism or being demeaning towards women? Any criticism of female writers (ESPECIALLY if a first name is used) is wrongthink and should be discouraged — that is equality right there, folks. There is really NO other explanation for someone using her first name in a response? Yup — just chalk it up to blatant misogyny! It couldn’t possibly be the laid-back, approachable format of this site where readers feel comfortable enough to be on a first name basis with the writers. Duly noted, I say we ban first names for everyone (it’s only fair) and from now on we only refer to people by Mr. or Ms. (Last Name). While we’re at it, who needs to see the author’s faces? I say we either remove their pictures or re-shoot their photos with burkas on instead. Sound good?

But what do I know? I am a simple brainless peasant in the shadow of your brilliant, benevolent chivalry. Sir Jordan, I am secure in knowing that if any maiden on the internet requires your rescue, you will not hesitate to take up sword and shield to defend her!

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