How about we NOT remake any of these.
Todd Flora

Well a hallmark of social justice warriors is to equate everyone who doesn’t agree with them as racists or Trump voters (usually implying both). I am not a Trump voter, and I agree with most of these comments. Social justice is not actual justice under the law, but a Marxist-esque interpretation of who “deserves” certain treatment based on historical perceived wrongdoings. It relies on an artificial class system based on race whereby black and brown people are always (ALWAYS) underprivileged, regardless of individual circumstance. When you believe in such a hierarchy of victimhood, you can delude yourself into believing shockingly racist things. A black victim of police violence is more important than a black victim of black violence or even a white victim of police violence (which happens about twice as often as it does for blacks). In pop culture, sports, politics, or any media — any negative light on a minority is frowned upon because it contradicts the narrative of social progress. As long as you can score victim points and bring down those who have apparent privilege (black scholarships and affirmative action in universities and in hiring are not privileges — because reasons), the march of social justice continues on. The individual does not matter. Only the class.

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