Tighten OUT: Google Fiber reportedly caustic staff, May Kill future expansions:

For last four years, Google fiber has been offering high-speed internet access alternatives. The impact of it’s in about $70 gigabit-fiber plan has been enormous. The competitors of Google like AT&T, Comcast and Time Warner has splashed the prices and has improved their speed. As Google entered metropolitan markets. For people like us who have never lived in the company’s seven metropolitan coverage areas, there is hope that Google would bring the service in the nearby cities at some point in the future.

As Google fiber has received in the press release and technical publications the sign ups show that the company’s target of five million users are very far below to achieve and CEO Larry page has reportedly ask the CEO of Fiber, Craig Barratt, to cut his staff to half and downsize to around 500 people.

The problem against fiber were very significant, as digging fiber optic cable is extremely expensive- As a similar kind of problem was faced by Verizon and they stopped FiOS into new markets years ago. Though there is news that they might restart the initiative. There is another major problem which was Google fiber had only 200,000 paying users at the end of 2014 and unlikely we don’t know how many are there now and it’s not possible to reach five million users within two years.

So now Google is talking about to use different methods to connect with users including high performance wireless point to point access systems that would obviate the digs ditches and run cable.

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