Why sales is one of the most important function every entrepreneur should be equipped with

An entrepreneur’s journey is a hard one. You not only have to deal with sacrificing a lot to make shit happen but more importantly you really need to deal with a lot of people saying that what you’re doing is “not” going to work.


An entrepreneur deals with that the moment he/she conceives his/her idea and tosses it to the best friend. So we’re looking at rejections at a BFF level, a family level and a society level as well.

We are then dealing with rejections with potential angels l, VCs, private equity funds, media, potential employees and the list just goes on and on.

Now a Salesman understands the meaning of rejections. (I like using the word Salesman or sales instead if Business Development Lead or Biz Development or some fancy ass name given to Sales professions because they think “SALES” is not cool enough). A Salesman knows what it is to be rejected and to move on. A Salesman is as good as your tech boy, or probably even better. He understands binary more than anybody else, it’s either a “no” or a “yes” and till it’s not a yes he’s going to keep knocking at you. A Salesman knows that rejections are a part of the job which makes him/her thick skinned.

We as individuals have faced rejections from the very day we were born. We were rejected candy or ice cream as kids, faced rejection when we proposed to the one we love. And like in the great words if Rocky Balboa, “It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard u get hit and yet pull yourself together and stand up to give it another shot”

That’s precisely why I believe that an entrepreneur needs to know what selling is all about.

He will then know what rejections is all about.
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