May 16 — Drill-Down on your Merch By Amazon Sales Trends and Color Bar

Kyle Adamo
May 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Drill Down on Your Merch By Amazon Sales Trend

This release is a good one, like really really good. We’ve got DRILL DOWNS!

When you’re on your main sales dashboard, you can click on any time period to see exactly what Merch By Amazon products sold that day, week or month. A pop-up form will show you all the details including units sold, percentage of sales, total royalties, average royalty and a color breakdown.

Drill Down on Your Merch By Amazon Product Colors

There’s always been a slice of data that has eluded me — knowing exactly what Merch By Amazon products I’m selling of each color. You can sort of stumble across it through other means but it’s never aggregated in a single place. I’ve never had a good sense of what items from my catalog are selling in Purple or Yellow. I knew there was some sort of data gold locked up in the color sales data, and now I have it! This gives me some perspective around various color palettes suitable for differing niches, and also uncovers some similarities in buyer tastes across seemingly unrelated niches.

With larger brands like Marvel getting on the Merch By Amazon bandwagon, where they alone might sell 100,000 black tshirts per week, there’s a risk of not having black available for some sellers. Because of this I’m looking to diversify my color selection into various niches. The color bar drill down is putting me on the right track.

If you have questions, problems, feature ideas or any feedback at all, just email and we’ll respond immediately.

Coming Soon: Niche Dashboards!

Originally published at MerchPilot.

    Kyle Adamo

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    Co-Founder of MerchPilot, deep analytics for Merch By Amazon sellers. Check it out at

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