New Donut Charts for Merch By Amazon Product Types

Kyle Adamo
Jul 4, 2018 · 1 min read

New Chart Types to Support Merch By Amazon PopSockets

With the introduction of PopSockets, it required us to refactor our sales dashboard to cleanly display this new product type. We’ve included new donut charts for Product Type (standard tshirt, premium tshirt, hoodie, popsocket etc) as well as Fit Type (mens, womens, youth etc). We’ve also now included a new donut chart showing your sizing breakdown as well.

As with all things MerchPilot, it looks great and works great on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone!

Originally published at MerchPilot.

    Kyle Adamo

    Written by

    Co-Founder of MerchPilot, deep analytics for Merch By Amazon sellers. Check it out at

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