5 Tips to Make Your Mercedes as Good-as-New!

That ‘New Car Smell’, the insanely shiny bodywork; spotless wheels hubs and tires … the first time you saw your new Mercedes Benz — be it as pedestrian as a 350-class sedan or as punchy as an SL Roadster — has probably left an impression on you. Of course, let’s not miss out the owners of second-hand models that probably need some tender love and care too — it might not be freshly unwrapped but it’s still a beautifully manufactured car.

Here at Mercmedics we are the first-class Mercedes specialists Surrey has and we pride ourselves on our love of the cars we service (which are many makes, not just Mercedes by the way) and we want yours to be the best it can be — no-matter if it’s with us or out in the world.

Here’s 5 Tips to Polish, Buff and Freshen-up your Mercedes and Make it Good-as-New!

No.1: Wheels & Tires

The best place to start. Use a good quality wheel cleaning solution to lift dirt from the wheel hub, leaving it on for 30 seconds initially to penetrate — be aware that this stuff is potent and, should you overspray onto the bodywork you don’t need to worry — you’ll be washing it off momentarily so no marks are left behind.

A pro-tip for the most stubborn grime — such as brake dust — is to take a soft-brush to stimulate the solution whilst it’s there. Once done, hose down the wheels with a strong stream of water. As you start the next part of your clean, consider using the car-cleaner and a cloth to get into the rims crevices and surfaces. Finally touch is to give the actual tire itself a scrub-up to get that crisp black appearance.

No.2: Exterior & Glass

Along with your hose; get out the bucket, a clean squeegee and the rightly measured amount of car cleaner and get the water splashing around. You can also use a high-pressure washer to save water and blast off hard-set mess to save time. Wash the car top-down, and in sections if the weather is hot so that soap-suds don’t dry on the bodywork.

Ensure you have spare micro-fibre cloths, so you can apply polish and maybe even wax after drying the car off. Follow this up with a good clean of the window glass to ensure you can catch anything you missed and clean up your view. This neatly rolls into the interior work, as you’ll want to ensure the glass inside the car is cleaned up as well — remember to dry off up-down inside and left-right outside to avoid streaking.

Stay tuned to read another 3 tips to Polish, Buff and Freshen-up your Mercedes and Make it Good-as-New. Click here for more detail.

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