Merculet Roadmap Update

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Dec 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Update: 2018.12.10

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2018.Q1 completed

  1. Completed “Better User Attention based Growth Methodology”;

2018.Q2 completed

GaaS platform

  1. Digitize user behavior;


  1. Asset collection, users can view all UATs;


GaaS platform

  1. Released UAT allocation strategy append a third mode: timed releasing and to receive initiative of users;


  1. Supported the community in creating their own passports;

Open Platform

Internal test version is released, and the third-party technical service provider is allowed to call the user and the pass data interface in the case of enterprise authorization; the limited partner is invited to enter the internal test.

2018.Q4 (On-Going)

Business model verification and case building based on the Chinese market.
Integrated functional development for GaaS and Simplet:

  1. Support automatic synchronization of third-party content sources and bring their own certificate-enhancing tasks;

Open Platform

  1. Internal test has been completed, diverse open languages can be applied in assorted situations, and the public beta has begun.

2019. 1st Half-Year

  1. Super node functionality online;

2019.2nd Half-Year:

  1. Upgrade Underlying technology;

² Make every aspect of the ecology without Merculet and promotes the healthy development of the community without Merculet participation.


[Super Node] a core supporter who highly agrees with the company’s goals and is willing to help the company to expand the community and achieve growth. The Super Node model will help the businesses/operators in identifying core supporters. This allows core supporters to mine for behavior around the company’s goals and help them achieve company’s growth goals.

[Growth System] The company develops a series of user tasks by designing the user’s behavioral standards, so that users can continuously strengthen their recognition of the company’s goals, help the company to make additional development, and enhance their identity value.

[Equity API] The basic interface for enterprises to provide users with rights and privileges.

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