Update: 2018.12.10

2018.Q1 completed

  1. Completed “Better User Attention based Growth Methodology”;
  2. Completed “Design of Attention Value Network (AVN) System and Verification of POC”.

2018.Q2 completed

GaaS platform

  1. Digitize user behavior;
  2. Release UAV System 1.0 to support the evaluation of users’ attention;
  3. Release UAT System 1.0 to support partners to issue their own UAT, and build up association with the public chain;
  4. Complete the issuance of the certificate on the public link (ETH) within the GaaS system directly;
  5. Release UAT allocation strategy 1.0, support two modes named fixed ratio and dynamic ratio;
  6. Release application market, support 2 activities of contest and airdrop;
  7. Support SDK and API, supporting 2 methods to access synchronously, which enabled our first customer access to the POCCI Crystal in Q2;


  1. Asset collection, users can view all UATs;
  2. Enterprise support;
  3. Support the H5 version of Simplet to be embedded in the client of the enterprise;
  4. Support user account access (user can be bound to the account in Simplet App)
  5. Support users to participate in the contest in the Simplet and receive the airdrops issued by the company


GaaS platform

  1. Released UAT allocation strategy append a third mode: timed releasing and to receive initiative of users;
  2. Released Enterprise support portals: support web and applet access;
  3. Released Community Support portals: Support for the authorization binding of the community operator’s Simplet account


  1. Supported the community in creating their own passports;
  2. Completed Community homepage V1 is online, supporting community red envelopes and leaderboards;
  3. Created community WeChat bot, members of the community can call up the community homepage on WeChat with simple instructions directly;

Open Platform

Internal test version is released, and the third-party technical service provider is allowed to call the user and the pass data interface in the case of enterprise authorization; the limited partner is invited to enter the internal test.

2018.Q4 (On-Going)

Business model verification and case building based on the Chinese market.
Integrated functional development for GaaS and Simplet:

  1. Support automatic synchronization of third-party content sources and bring their own certificate-enhancing tasks;
  2. Newly append Simplet visual configuration module in GaaS, and uplift a community with tools based on Attention Pass by a few steps’ configurations;
  3. Release growth system α1 version and the task module based on the user’s attention is launched;
  4. Release for Equity API 1.0: All companies can realize UAT conversion rights and privileges through API;

Open Platform

  1. Internal test has been completed, diverse open languages can be applied in assorted situations, and the public beta has begun.
  2. Complete access to more than 5 applications
  3. Insert public interface for single product e-commerce model.

2019. 1st Half-Year

  1. Super node functionality online;
  2. Support UAT and UAT exchange;
  3. UAT Mall makes it way online, supports equity exchange, and cross-enterprise value circulation;
  4. Enrich the commercial application and circulation scenarios of MVP;
  5. Improve Merculet ecosystem on a community-based basis to help companies build their own business closures;
  6. Underlying technology upgrades;

2019.2nd Half-Year:

  1. Upgrade Underlying technology;
  2. Create products internationalized and adaptation localized according to key markets;
  3. Initiate Application layer consensus algorithm R+POS online;
  4. Community reputation system, community courts goes online;
  5. Smart Contract Early Support, which supports the development and deployment of intelligent contracts based on enterprises in the ecosystem;
  6. Make every aspect of the ecology without Merculet and promotes the healthy development of the community without Merculet participation.

² Make every aspect of the ecology without Merculet and promotes the healthy development of the community without Merculet participation.


[Super Node] a core supporter who highly agrees with the company’s goals and is willing to help the company to expand the community and achieve growth. The Super Node model will help the businesses/operators in identifying core supporters. This allows core supporters to mine for behavior around the company’s goals and help them achieve company’s growth goals.

[Growth System] The company develops a series of user tasks by designing the user’s behavioral standards, so that users can continuously strengthen their recognition of the company’s goals, help the company to make additional development, and enhance their identity value.

[Equity API] The basic interface for enterprises to provide users with rights and privileges.