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Instant messaging apps are often considered almost equal to each other. In reality, each has its own unique characteristics that make it unique. So for example, WhatsApp will be different from Telegram, and Telegram has features that don’t have Snapchat, WeChat, etc.

But what do we know about the weaknesses of each?

Generally speaking, we all agree in saying that each App has its limits and bugs, technical or related to a particular market approach policy.

If we focus on WhatsApp, talking about weaknesses is perhaps a bit risky, considering that we are talking about the King of the Apps for sending messages. Between 2017 and 2018 WhatsApp has reached a record of 1.5 billion active monthly users. Really amazing numbers! …

The integration through WhatsApp API

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How to manage the WhatsApp APIs swarm 🐝

WhatsApp is together with Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, etc. one of the biggest messaging service.
To tell the truth, from the latest surveys WhatsApp seems to be the most known and used in the world. (Read more about this on our article WhatsApp Business, a gold mine for enterprises!)

Programmatic access via WhatsApp API could be a fundamental requirement to create chatbots, support systems, marketing strategies or other services. Integrating the software already used in your company with the APIs is undoubtedly a winning weapon for business growth.

🐝 Cool! But what are APIs and how do they work?

We at Mercury’s staff like to describe them as “opportunities for integration and operational efficiency”.
These are tools that can create interaction between different systems. Creating interaction can bind various activities and increase business performance. …

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WhatsApp marketing, the importance of a segment based strategy.

“No wise entrepreneur tries to sell his product to everyone”

From Philip Kotler

🤔 What does the marketing guru want to tell us with this strong statement?

There is no single way to sell a product, and no product follows a sales process that is the same as another. One of the usual problems that a company must face planning its marketing strategy is the choice of Target.

But what is the Target really?

This term is suitable for different interpretations, the most common defines the target as the ultimate goal of the corporate strategy.
Here, however, we are talking about the audience in which the company tries to breaks in, and in this context, target means choosing a niche of people to whom the company turns. …


Vanessa Elliott Mercury

Co-founder and Business Developer at www.mercury.chat, WhatsApp integration project for businesses. Innovative technologies enthusiast and web content author.

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