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Ethical Hacking works on one concept, “To beat a hacker, you need to think like a hacker.”

CEH, Certified Ethical Hacker is the most desired certification and training program for Ethical Hacking and Information Security. CEH certification course trains you to understand the mindset of a hacker, so as to tackle the attacks on the security of your organization with your supreme ethical hacking skills. Advancing as a security professional in your career, you must know the eligibility criteria for taking the CEH exam along with the job description for CEH certified professionals. Continue reading to know all about the career outlook and average salaries for various job roles for the Certified Ethical Hackers.

  • Educational Requirements & Eligibility Criteria for CEH:

To be eligible for taking the CEH exam, the candidate must possess a Graduate degree, preferably in IT background, and should be having two years of work experience in Information Security and must be able to provide proof for the same.

EC-Council certifies the professionals for CEH only if these requirements are met and they are able to demonstrate their Ethical Hacking skills by clearing the CEH exam.

How to Become CEH Certified expert
  • Job Description for CEH Certified Professionals:

The organizations seek the Ethical Hackers with the CEH credential on their CV, along with strong analytical skills, problem-solving skills and in-depth knowledge of the security issues for the thorough implementation of breaching the security systems. The professionals must also be able to design well laid-out strategies to identify security problems and build a wise solution for them.

  • Career Outlook & Salary for Certified Ethical Hackers:

In 2019, as per the PayScale reports, the Ethical Hackers bring in an average salary of $79,260 and once the professionals have this craved credential on their CVs, multiple job opportunities surface, such as Information Security Analyst, Cyber Security Analyst, Security Engineer, Penetration Tester, Security Analyst, Information Security Manager, Cyber Security Engineer, and more.

The following data will provide you with a brief overview of the average salary for the job roles offered to CEH certified professionals.

Job Roles and Average Salaries for CEH Certified Professionals:

  • Cyber Security Analyst — $76,376
  • Penetration Tester — $80,956
  • Security Engineer — $88,728
  • Information Security Manager — $110,643
  • Information Security Analyst — $70,390
  • Forensics Computer Analyst — $71,295
  • Network Security Analyst — $66,442
  • Certification Roadmap for Domain Experts:

Although CEH is one of the most desired information security credential and training programs, it is not the career summit for you. To advance your Infosec career after getting certified for CEH, you must seek to gain more experience and aim for the advanced training of ECSA, EC-Council Certified Security Analyst and finally the expert-level certifications such as LPT, Licensed Penetration Tester, and CISSP, Certified Information Systems Security Professional. A CISSP certified professional earns an average of $108K.

Winning Benefits Of CEH in 2019

There is a right time and an optimal way to achieve the milestones set in your career path, CEH is one such necessity you must fulfill to make the best out of your Infosec career. The best way to approach this credential is by taking the CEH training from EC-Council’s Authorized Training Provider. Get the best training facilities and make yourself capable of clearing the CEH exam in your first attempt.

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