Troptions: The Only Proof of Use Coin in the World

Troptions allow you to transact business from anywhere! Photo by Austin Distel/Unsplash

Between 2009 and the end of 2018 there were roughly 2000 crypto currencies available over the Internet with a total market cap of $145 billion. Leading the pack with the largest blockchain network is Bitcoin with other offerings like Etherum, Tether and Ripple dominating the marketplace as well. As high performing currencies enter the competition like graphene-based coins it is important to differentiate which coins will work for you. That is why choosing a Proof of Use digital currency like troptions is crucial.

Every crypto currency has to have one of these three things: Proof of work, proof of stake or proof of use. Troptions has proven itself to be the proof of use coin in the world with no competition to dethrone it.

Starting at the beginning

To begin with let me explain two important things related to troptions: What does proof of use mean and what is troptions? Proof of use in cryptocurrency means you are able to make practical use of the digital coins. Practical coins allow you to use your digital currency for everyday transactions. Troptions were born of the restrictive lack of liquidity experienced during transactions that effectively slowed down commerce. This trade dollar allows people to trade their liquid assets within the Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem and also trade the currency for cash to function in transactions outside the system.

What is troptions? Simply put, troptions is a peer to peer asset supported trade ecosystem.

Troptions doesn’t limit what you can trade in on the market place seeing as it is accepted in a myriad of industries. The currency has financed small companies, hotels, and other businesses to raise capital for their expansion, growth and continues to help people buy assets through its marketplace platform.

Troptions is The People’s Currency

Troptions give the holder the ability to transact business without the interference of centralized systems like banks or governments that charge a fee for any transactions they are involved in. It is a crypto currency that is changing the way we run our economies worldwide.

How troptions fit the definition of “the People’s Currency”

1) They give you options in transactions

This is a cryptocurrency that can be traded for different digital currencies, US dollars, or used to barter for assets. The currency gives you excellent avenues to conduct business. Buying land and other assets doesn’t need to be transacted in the presence of third parties like the banks. And if you need to change your asset for cash you can go ahead and do that after purchasing using troptions.

2) They have value which increases over time

As you learn the best practices you can make even more lucrative moves with troptions. The best practice may mean not selling your troptions immediately you receive them instead hold on to them and let them appreciate in value. Right now, crypto currency is easy to get and hard to spend and this applies to troptions as well. However, using troptions for transactions is fairly easy compared to using other cryptos because of its asset bartering aspect and its ability to be easily exchanged on blockchain platforms for fiat currency. At the point of inflection where crypto will be hard to come by and easy to use (like USD and other fiat currencies are at the moment) troptions will have increased value.

3) It is widely accepted in business transactions including by the SEC

The SEC is hard on registering initial coin offerings. However, troptions have officially existed as digital currency since December, 2017. This filling gives business people involved in everyday transactions the confidence to use the digital currency with assured security and no interference.

Individuals and businesses alike are able to transact business in a more efficient and effective way using troptions. It is a win-win situation for everyone!

A learner and purveyor of life. I look forward to where technology takes us in life.

A learner and purveyor of life. I look forward to where technology takes us in life.