Our Scholars and Volunteers in front of the MBB Women’s Center in Haiti.

We have just two full days left of our 2017 Annual English Camp here in Haiti! 39 of our Scholars have spent the better part of the last two weeks learning the basics and building on what they already know! We are so grateful to have such a talented team of volunteers who traveled here to Gros Morne to deliver this program to our Scholars!

How ‘bout that photo bomb? This woman, a machann (vendor) unexpectedly found herself in our shot, and we think it’s just perfect! Our Women’s Center in Haiti is coming up on our first full year in operations, and we’re working hard to meet the needs of women in our area. We’ve already filled up our next cohorts in literacy, sewing, and baking, scheduled to start in October of 2017!

A conversation during break time!

We recently welcomed a new Country Director in Haiti, Jonathan LaMare, who joined the MBB Haiti Team in May of this year. Jonathan replaces Interim Director Gail, whose passion and love of Haiti has been an overwhelming blessing for us here at MBB. We can’t thank Gail enough, and are forever grateful for her dedication!

Jonathan hopes to soon post a regular update, sharing with you our good work and news from Haiti! Is there something specific you would like to learn more about? Feel free to ask! Like us on Facebook, and we look forward to sharing our stories with you all soon!

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