Captain Obvious way to 2X your bank balance

OK, I promised this email yesterday but let me tell you!!! Last night I was watching this show called “Taboo” and I’m really I’m itching & squirming to make today’s email about that instead. Some people’s children are just crazy y’all!!!

Anyway, I’ll write about that tomorrow…Since I promised this yesterday, here’s today’s math-money-magic.

For this to work, there a few prerequisites…

1. You like money or what money can do.

2. You have a product to sell.

3. You understand MATH is the language of MONEY.

4. You know I am always unequivocably correct. ALWAYS. I’ve never led you wrong, have I? Didn’t think so.

K, here’s the deal. There are 5 senses, yeah? But did you know they correspond to the 7 common learning styles?

Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Kinesthetic, Logical, Social & Solitary. I just Googled it, so I’m positively sure I’m correct.

Of course, most people have more than one, BUT everyone has a dominant style. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Here’s where things get interesting!!! Say you’re fantastic email writer, you probably interact with your audience through email or blogging.👍👍 Good, very good. 👏👏

So, basically you’re reaching one out seven of the population.


One seventh.

These a popular saying going around entrepreneur circle, “Be Everywhere”

When you look around you see that’s exactly what the titans of the industry do. They present their products to the audience in as many different forms as possible.

However, if you’re a mere mortal, you’ve gots to be creative to pull this off.

Write. Do you.


Hire a spokesperson (nephew?) to read your email on Periscope/FB Live, then repurpose as a podcast. (Auditory)

Get a graphic artist to make blog posts and populate your Instagram or Pinterest. (Visual)

You see where I’m going with this…

WARNING!!!💀, don’t YOU DARE get bogged down figuring out the details of how to run all the different channels… You go ahead and be the genius you are: Shine bright like a diamond.

As my mentor Joel B. says, “Outsourcing is the elixir of the wealthy.”

Bring other people into the fold who are geniuses at what THEY do, so they can complement you.

My friend Matt is fantastic at sculpting audio files into a Podcast show. Now, he’s not dirt cheap (Heaven forbid!!!!) but he doesn’t extort an arm & foot either!

Once your message is on iTunes and now, even on Google play, well, guess what?

You just opened your distribution funnel to 2X the size, that’s what.

A moment of silence. Think about it…😀😀💰💰

It’s math, not majic.

(Send all around royalty checks to, Lol !!!)🙋🏽

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about that Taboo story. If someone did that to me, they better have Bail Money is all I’m sayin.

Make it rain 💵💵💵,