Does disagreeing make you a “Hater?”

What if YOU disagree with an “expert/guru/mentor”

Especially if you’re not in the celebrity stratosphere (yet?) Does that put YOU in the dreaded hater category?

If you’re in business you probably have a slew of armchair critics. Who cares about their opinion!!! As Renée Brown says, (paraphrased) “If someone’s not in the ring, their opinion doesn’t count”

What happens when the shoe is on the other foot?

There is a well respected, successful entrepreneur who sells podcasting courses and services. I respect his achievements but hate his emails.

He likes to say that to be successful you must have a huge audience and a big budget. I understand and appreciate his dose of reality: podcasting absolutely requires time and money investment, & the results are definitely NOT overnight.

Whip out your microscope.

When you dig a little closer, you discover all the podcasting greats had a few false starts before they finally hit their groove. John Lee Dumas openly says that he had three “missed-launches” before he nailed “Entrepreneur on Fire”
Joel Boggess had 9 (NINE!!!) previous versions before he nailed down “ReLaunch”, now listened to by millions across the globe.

In fact, the person I referred to above revealed in an interview that he had tried podcasting at least twice before he came up with a system that worked.

Presently, his business model is to go with high-paying clients. More power to him, hallelujah, praise the Lord!!! Much success and happiness.

But, we will just agree to disagree on the fact that if you’re just starting out, need to spend huge piles of cash-money or else that means you’re “not going to succeed” or that you need a huge audience otherwise “all you will hear in crickets.”

The fact is everybody starts from somewhere and nobody can be born an expert. It’s called BUILDING AN AUDIENCE!!!!!!

All the “experts” (including him) try, fail, learn some lessons then iterate. Learning what NOT to do and what works for YOU and YOUR personality is a HUGE step in the right direction. There’s just no way to know unless you DO it.

If you want to try podcasting but you don’t have $1000 to invest in editing right now, today or this month, that doesn’t mean you can’t get started!!!!

If you want to, you can spend that kind of money later down the road. Just because you don’t have a Lamborghini doesn’t mean you can’t have a reliable car that can take you from point A to B! Seriously, the gall of some people!!!

Don’t let anyone stop you from chasing your dream.

Do what they did when THEY were starting out, not what they say now that they’ve “made it.”

If you want to test the podcasting waters without draining all your reserves, then get perfectly reliable editing service here:
You will still be able to concentrate on your business while outsourcing the mind-numbing tasks at an affordable price.

That is, unless you’re the kind of person who likes to be told what you CAN’T do.

P.S: Forgive me, I had promised to write about the email graveyard yesterday but I just read this email and it got me all pissed off and hot under the collar. #DreamSquashers! Jeeez!!! I’ll do that on Monday, I promise!

I’ll do that on Monday, I promise!!!! :-)

Have a great weekend, and take some time to chase your dreams.


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