Family and close friends should NOT read this post

Confessions of a Chronic Re-gifter.

What do you do the presents people buy you that you don’t need or want? Do you stash them in a bag and hustle over to Salvation Army, do you just bear it and grin? 😬😬

As the holiday season came to an end, and a rather embarrassing incident happened. During gift exchange, one person was gifted with an item that was elaborately wrapped. As we all crowded around to see, a faint voice said, “hey! Isn’t that the present I gave Isabel last year? (name changed to maintain privacy).

Can you say “BUSTED!!!”

The problem is, most times we give gifts out of a feeling of obligation. Alas! that is NOT the way to be remembered as The gift-giver of the generations.

Moreover, despite your best intentions, some people are a headache to shop for.

If you like giving gifts which cause a stir, which evoke gasps, which have Aunt Mabel shooting you daggers across the room, then Gift Smartly.

Give the recipient a gift they would never imagine or even dream up by themselves. This doesn’t need to break the bank…just thoughtful gifts that has someone exclaim “how could you possibly know that this is what exactly what I wanted!”

Just like Apple, most people don’t know what they want until they have what they didn’t know they wanted.

Happily for you, Lucy Mwinamo of gift Smartly has put together a PDF Calendar for 2016 with gift ideas to spark your genius all year long.

You can get it here:

It’s only five bucks for tips that will get your gift-giving game on! And, your contribution will change the world while you’re at it!

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