And it’s making me wonder at all those spiritual folks who came before that literally hated the idea of money because it opens up this entirely other economy which has nothing to do with peace, patience, wisdom, belly laughs and the soul.
Creatives Have to Make Money, and yet…
Chase Reeves

Helloooo, Chase Reeves!
I am totally projecting here, but I’m guessing the article was in response to all the people whose lives you touch, in a very practical way, through your podcast and community, so obviously your experience carries the day.

I can’t help but to wonder, though, why there has to be such a dichotomy. Searching back through the cobwebs of years of Sunday School, (centuries ago), wasn’t there the verse:

“Your gift will make room for you, and bring you before great men?”

I totally get the gist of your article, and concur, I’m only adding that the other dimension that makes things complicated is: the tension of being an “either/or” situation, as in: EITHER happiness (or) money.

Wouldn’t life be grand if your best creative expression could be the path to fulfillment AND the best chance for extra pesos!!!!

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