Worried that Mike will escape to Costa Rica with your money?

Will he take your money and run? Read to find out…

Ever heard the Pink Floyd song, “Comfortably Numb”?
 The song starts with a man looking passed (and probably drugged) out, alone in a godforsaken room. 
 A sad, sorry, isolated life. 
 Suddenly, men break-in, dramatically rescuing him from the brink of death. A doctor administers a shot which revives the poor fellow just in the nick of time. 
 To avoid spoiling the scene, I won’t mention the part where he turns into a zombie….
 A little on the extreme side, though it’s easy to see the parallels of auto-pilot existence 80% of us are living.
 “The child is grown, 
 The dream is gone…
 I have become comfortably numb.”

 The daily grind of work, dealing with family, stress with the spouse, money worries, zoning out on T.V., politicians acting cray cray, health problems, plastic food … the hamster wheel don’t stop!!!
 Yet…What happened to the dreams we had as kids of a promising future? 
 Of love, of health, of wealth and true happiness??
 Albert Einstein quote: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. 
 The only way to get the life you want is to CHANGE the information currently in your brain. 
 And the only way to get new information is to learn something new.
 Wise people learn from the BEST Coaches and Teachers in the world.

From today until June 10th 2016, you can gain this life-changing knowledge for FREE.

YUP! There’s a catch. 
 Here it is: You need to act fast. As in, Speedy Gonzales FAST.
 Find the world’s greatest teachers in the “Conscious Life Summit 2016” 
 24 Thought leaders, including the esteemed Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, Dr. Dawson Church, and Dr. Gabriel Cousens, will be sharing some of their key insights for living a conscious life — but (and here’s the other catch) you must IMPLEMENT this knowledge to reap the benefits in your business, wealth, and health.
 Each session is free ONLY 48 HOURS from release.
 Follow this link to a browser window to register without delay…

Expect to see this landing page.

Again, the life changing sessions are ONLY Free for 48 Hours upon release.
 You can own the recordings for your own personal use, and listen over and over again at your leisure. If you act fast, you can use my affiliate link for a deep, one time discount:

PROBLEM: this summit already began on the 3rd, and the “Early Bird Discount” already went up last night on June 3rd. Alas! I should have posted this sooner, but hey, better late than never.

If you decide you want the discount, you need to act fast, as it goes up every 2 days, and will be full price once the summit is over. 
 The point? You can Change your life, for FREE, if you DO NOT procastinate. 
 This is the information the best in the world know about.
 It’s time YOU joined them.
 P.S: While you’re at it, invite someone you care about.
 This might be just the information they’ve been desperately looking for to break old habits, have happy relationships, thrive financially and take complete control of their life.
Time to kiss the zombie autopilot existence goodbye forever.

P.S.S: You might be worried that Mike spent over a year orchestrating this whole summit, to gather the world’s leading experts in love, fitness, health and life only to offer the info a ridiculously insane price for early action takers…

You might even be perplexed as to why people would spend decades becoming the top in their field, only to go on summits and give their life’s knowledge for free, (or pretty much next to it), wowzas??…

You might even be convinced that, should you decide to buy the recordings, it’s all a scam, Mike will vanish with your 70$ to some tropical cabanas in Costa Rica (or better yet, Mombasa) with no regard to his family and reputation he worked his whole life for???

In that case, you should read the Money-Back Guarantee. I honestly had to confirm with him that it wasn’t a mistake…like, Whaaat??? for real????

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