ASK better questions, get better answers...

Business Lessons from MisMatched Libidos and (almost) daily sex (3)

In keeping with our “continuing series”… Suppose, (hypothetically, of course😂😂) you and your spouse have vastly different libidos.

Due to your unending loyalty, self sacrifice, saintly nature AND determination to keep your spouse happy, you cheerfully put your chill preferences aside and do your best to cater to your S.O. insatiable fires.

Of course, this is handy metaphor for our business lives.

We start our businesses brimming with optimism and yes, passion, loving on our customers and leaping out of bed to serve them, with pleasure.

It’s a rude shock when the gloss wears off and it turns into, gasp, work!!

But, we’re adults… We signed up, and so we BRACE ourselves with determination to get on with the task at hand.

Somehow, though, that particular energy is rather deflating.

How about if we just tweaked our perspective? When you Ask better questions, you get better answers!!😎

If the dialogue in your brain sounds like “Oh SNAP!!! NOT AGAIN !!!!!!!!” Or, I “have to deal with crazy customers” “I must deal with vendors”….

Yeah… All the appeal of hugging a dead Cactus branch.

However, if you can change the focus to what you can GIVE to make someone else happy, or even what benefits lay hidden for YOU… Then the whole energy of the communion changes, and you will be quite delighted to reap what you sow.

Think about how many people would love to have a business, or customers at all to drive them crazy, or even “vendors”, and not have to be doing everything themselves.


In fact, I’d like to share a resource by Coach Niurka. She explains in more detail the secret of “asking better questions”…

You can also listen to her on the podcast episode on The Becoming SuperHuman Podcast: 59: How to Discover Your True Self & Radiate Positivity with Motivational Coach Niurka and Jonathan Levi.

Happily, this works equally well in *ahem, cough, cough* “life” and in business!!! The only limit is your imagination! 😀😀

When you listen to the podcast episode, do you have a question for Niurka? I am working on having her on my podcast episode coming up…I’ll give you a shout-out if you forward your name, URL (if you want) and question to me…

Until next time,

Mercy Kay.

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