Relationship is like a competition. What do u have for winning this battle? Beauty? Skin colour? Wealth? Body shape? Well,there r a lot to bring it on into this war zone! You should know what u have in u, not to win,but it is for your own self-respect.

Loyalty is mine secret weapon. The reason I don't cheat is not because I love my partner so badly. It is because I know my principle! I know what I am doing. I don't want anyone to get hurt and be involved in the third-person relationship. It hurts, all of us. All the things we have been through are meaningless without trust. When I give u my trust,I give u my heart in your hands. Take care of it, it is the most precious thing ever that someone can offer u. When I say "my heart in your hands" it includes my feelings too. They r so fragile and sensitive. Small things hurt like hell ,still ,hard to break,so to be fixed as damn well.

Fight for it,fight for my heart,my trust,my tear!!!