Technology Before and After

There have been many advancements in technology that have changed the way we live. Technology can help us by making communication, transportation, and information gathering more efficient.
Some of the technological advancements are as follows:
- Before, if you want to do research, you use the encyclopedia. Then, there came the encyclopedia in CDs. Now, there is Google and Wikipedia where you can just type what you need to search.
- Before, you would need to go to the market or department store to buy the things you need. Now, you can buy things online.
This was the old SM.
- Before, if you need to write a paper, you would need to use the typewriter where you cannot just delete mistakenly typed words. Now, you could use the keyboard to type on the computer where you could undo your mistakes.
The Old Typewriter
- Before, you would need to send a letter via the post office. Now, you have Gmail or Messenger to send your message right away.

These technological advances have affected us in many ways. We have exercised less or have less physical activities because of this. And we see or talk to each other less. But on the bright side, we have more efficient communication or the access to more information faster.
And with all these technology, we must utilize the technology we have to be able to do things more efficiently. However, we must not forget to continue building good relationships by still having face-to-face conversations with people.