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The most powerful thing you can do in a salary negotiation is to stick to facts and lean away from emotion

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Everyone is somewhat uncomfortable talking about money. Our culture doesn’t encourage it, and yet makes it the ultimate form of success. A survey by Wells Fargo found that Americans are more uncomfortable talking about personal finances than about politics, religion, and even death. The survey also found a gender difference. “Half of women (50 percent) find it difficult talking with others about personal finances, versus 38 percent of men.” Another poll found that younger Americans are starting to change the etiquette around money conversations, and that they “are more open about discussing credit scores and income levels in a dinner…

Business writing — outlets that cover industry, entrepreneurship, and leadership — stands at a crossroads. Do we continue to create and favor #content, countless lists, and a lack of research, or take an in-depth and critical look at those in power? I hope it’s the latter, but I fear it’s the former.

The first time I wrote for a business-centric publication was 2013. I was thrilled to be considered for an outlet that I found enlightening, a guidepost for learning more about entrepreneurship at a time when I was struggling and green. It felt fantastic, as bylines often do. …

Our tiny, ruthless, queen.

If you had never heard of Marie Kondo, 34-year-old Japanese “tidying” prodigy and her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which sold millions of copies over the last three years, you certainly have now thanks to her new Netflix series. Kondo, a tiny, angelic dictator greets her clients’ homes on screen with charm and peace and then helps them burn everything they own (put it in bags and get rid of it).

The first step in the KonMari method, of which there are five, is clothes. This means — with everyone flocking to feel good about 2019, Americans…

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It’s been a really hard time — online and offline. It’s been going on for a while, but the past few weeks and months (or even days) have been particularly brutal. It feels like there’s a nonstop cycle of violence and hate in the news and in our lives, both domestic and abroad. The election isn’t helping.

It can have consequences on how you feel. Really, the Times wrote about what that constant news cycle of horror can do to us. In many discussions with groups of friends, a consistent theme has been around self-care in a time when everything…

A jacket I’ve always wanted but never found: Sandro x Baron von Fancy.

I am somewhat of a consignment…obsessive. I’ve pawed through clothes that first belonged to someone else for 18 years. It’s a sport, a hobby, a passion, and a collection. I’ve waxed poetic about it before.

The times have caught up. Specifically the New York Times last week, with their piece on living in an “era of consignment”. The internet has caught up to the resale trend too — making it easier than ever to buy and sell used clothing. …

It’s that time of year again — SXSW. It’s a beautiful time in sneezy March when all of New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the one guy from your office who gets to go descends upon the city of Austin to overpay for AirBNB’s. Here, I’ve listed the four activations I’m most excited for at Interactive this year.

Please Shut Up and Stop Talking About Your Startup Meet-up Brunch (10–12 pm, South Orange Avenue at the BBQ Shack on the Left).

Co-hosted by Shhhhh!, an app to find silence around you, and Headspace, we will be practicing everything but…our…

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Words as love.

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon the Little Free Lending Library. A series of free-standing huts, filled with books to take or lend, the Take A Penny of prose. It’s on the next block over, sometimes covered in Christmas Lights during the holidays, standing alone, hoping to take visitors.

I’ve gotten many great titles over the four years. I always pause as I walk to the grocery store, or go out with friends, and on the way back, tipsy from a date or exhausted from a long day. I’m always sure to take a pause…

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I remember excitedly texting a friend of mine, asking her if she knew anyone to hook up a guy I had just met and was totally infatuated with at a large organization. I thought she might know, and I was lost in the now of meeting someone new and exciting. I had stepped off the plane where we spent ten days together, and I eagerly wanted to do it all for him. I quickly texted her in the airport, to which she replied:

Do not do anything for him professionally for the first 90 days.

She is a wise, wise…

My Relationships Are My Livelihood, and They Were Almost Destroyed.

Image via Creatine Marketing.

If you’re in public relations or an iteration thereof — your life is all about relationships. Or at least mine is. I’ve built FinePoint, my reputation, and my business around making relationships, keeping relationships, understanding when and how to leverage them. Your relationships are what you have. Your Rolodex is what people come to you for. Sometimes people will try to abuse that privilege.

I’ve had people email me asking for an editor’s contact information or things that are distinctly part of my business. “Just this once”. “Just pass me…

I’m a huge fan of artist Rupi Kaur, whose poem is featured above. If you don’t know her, you should (or you will soon). A writer and an artist, Kaur presents herself and her prose in a form that is perfect for our current consumption. Her poetry, spanning love, loss, feminism and femininity, is perfectly visually suited for our Instagram-obsessed world. She presents her musings in epically relatable pieces primed for sharing online.

Many of Kaur’s poems have caught my eye over the past couple months, but the one above in particular struck a chord.

Women treat themselves with a…

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