Redesigning Pinterest, block by block
Andreas Pihlström

I agree with other comments about the loss of containers. Pins now all seem to blend together and it’s very difficult to focus on one pin.

I also agree that changing things frequently is not a good idea. Improving, yes. Changing for the sake of it, no, especially when the users have no say. Not everyone sees the world from a designer’s point of view. When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The whole idea of Pinterest, I thought, is to share with others. It used to be a real buzz seeing how many people liked or repinned my pins.

Not being able to search for specific boards and pinners (apparently without logging in?) is a retrograde step in my opinion.

But, of course, apart from the informative comments here, I don’t really know what’s going on since my account has been suspended and I have not received Pinterest’s response to my immediate message countering the alleged copyright violation. Several messages to the “help” centre have gone unanswered. It’s now approaching seven weeks. Professional courtesy, if nothing else, would be nice. I really miss being able to use Pinterest.

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