A new love and emerging patterns

Eno River, North Carolina

A year’s worth of photos capture a few of the days and nights when I fell in love with a river, packed up years worth of living in the same house, and spent considerable time in the company of my soul food — live music. In rooms across the country, I stuck with artists that fill my heart with joy and who I recommend to both friends and strangers. Visual patterns, habits and recurring places and faces tell the story of the year, and a number that proceeded. The photos capture a small fraction of the music I listened to in 2015. Missing from the photos are a number of important friends — a reminder for 2016.

Links to performance videos (or recorded sets) if you’re up for exploring, chosen for the performance or the particular group of musicians. Special thank you to NYC Taper and other folks who capture GREAT sets.

Steve Gunn solo from Philadelphia 25 min

Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band in Philadelphia 9 min

Ryley Walker from Solid Sound (with Ryan Jewell) 30 min

Nathan Salsburg (with Joan Shelley) live set recording

Nathan Bowles (live set recording)

Penny Serfs

Adam Remnant (Gladden House Session from NMF)

So Percussion perform Music for Wood and Strings

William Tyler from Solid Sound

Hiss Golden Messenger live recording from the Haw River Ballroom

Phil Cook live recordings from Hopscotch and Rough Trade

Black Twig Pickers and Steve Gunn from Hopscotch

Mary Lattimore and Jeff Zeigler

Dead Tongues live recording from Rough Trade

Nathan Salsburg and James Elkington (in Philadelphia)

Promised Land Sound

Philly Boy Roy reads Twas the Night Before Christmas Philly Style — Best Show Best

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