Interview guide

Monday 04 September 2017

Interview guide

Interviewed: Stephen Joves.

E: Good afternoon today we are with Stephen Joves.

S:Nice to meet you.

E: Can we ask you some questions?

S: Sure.

E: How did you learn to run a company?

S: It is not the hardest thing in the work hard, you can learn about bussines.

E: What does it feel like to be rich?

S: It is very interesting when i was 23 years old, I was worth ten thousand, and more than ten millions when I was 24 and more than one hundred million when was 25, for me the money is something wonderful, because you can do many things with it but for my life is not the most important thing.

E: What was your company’s first achievement?

S:The first, obviosly was the success of the Apple 2 project.

E: How did you find the success?

S: I dicovered that when you meet enough people excellent at what they do you strive to find them and take aduantage of ther copabilities, you can do something good.

E:Do you like being right?

S:I’m one of those people who don’t mind being right I only care about success.

O: What do you expect in 10 years?

S:The web will stay with us and will open new doors, noy only at the social level also the industry. Where I am and I hope this is going to benefit me.

O: And the last question and the most important, Is for you who is Steve Jobs?

S:Its a person who knows how to take aduantage of situations a person whith many past success and a head.

O: Well this is everthing for today, thank you so much for the enterview.

S: Youre welcome, its a pleasuare for me.