Hillary Clinton & the American Fabric: A Quilting Group’s Response to #ImWithHer

We’re a group of friends who have quilted together for 20 years. Over the last couple of months we created this quilt to express our support for Hillary and we sent it to her campaign with the following note. Share this post to show we are Stronger Together:

Dear Hillary,
We have stitched all of our hopes and dreams for a more just and peaceful world into this quilt. We hope it leads you to the White House — and is a reminder of all of the women across the world who share your vision.
We, a group of engaged, passionate women on the West Coast, made this quilt for you. We are: a psychologist, a dancer, a philanthropist, a designer, a product manager, a photographer, a manual therapist, and more than one tech company early employee. And we are all activists, feminists, and advocates, in myriad ways, for our own children and for all children. And we are all mothers, and daughters, and sisters, and wives.
We have been friends for 20 years — we found each other at a Silicon Valley start up in the ’90s, and came together because of a shared love of quilting. In our early years, we made quilts for each other as we got married and had our first babies. Through the years, we have supported each other through life’s highest joys and toughest challenges, and there have been lots of both.
We made this quilt for you because your campaign has inspired us — we are living proof that we all are Stronger Together. Hillary, we are ready for your leadership to help us realize our shared vision.
In loving support,
Kellye Nicol, Jennifer Wallace, Merel Kennedy, Mimi Lyons, Miranda Pinckert, Erin Moore, and Angela Filo