How to make healthy protein pancakes

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What are the perfect breakfast for the weekend: pancakes. Unfortunately, they often contain too much of flour and sugar. With these tricks, pancakes can quickly turn into low-carb fitness pancakes.
The terms low carb and pancakes do not often fall in one sentence. Because the main ingredients of breakfast classics are flour, sugar, milk and eggs. If you eat low carb, carbohydrates are hardly represented on the dining plan. So you don’t have to give up the delicious pancakes. I have three low-carb-tested recipes for you.

Why Low Carb?

A low-carb diet can be effective at the end of the day. If you don’t largely abandon carbohydrates, your metabolism is switching. Instead of drawing his energy from carbohydrates, your body burns fat to energy. This process is called Ketose. The unpopular fat reserves on the abdomen can be reduced. But for this to work, you must keep the low-carb diet for several weeks and do not have carbohydrates in that time. Luckily, you can save a lot of carbohydrates with a few tricks.

What should I look for at low-carb pancakes?
The main ingredients for pancakes, flour and sugar are replaced by low carbohydrate alternatives such as almond flour, linseed flour or ground linseed, coconut flour or quinoa. The suitable ingredients are eggs, bananas, fresh cheese, greek yogurt and protein powder. The finished pancakes can then be enjoyed with fresh berries, yogurt, nuts, seeds or purified fruits, depending on the choice of your chosen pancakes. You should not have chocolate or caramel sauce. So you avoid the three biggest low-carb mistakes.

How are Pancakes fluffing?
Pancakes taste particularly delicious when they are loose, fluffing and smooth. To make you the most delicious pancakes, you should take note of these four tips:

Use some fluid water for the dough. The carbonic acid makes the pancakes thicker and softer.
Watch the order: If you use dry ingredients such as flour, protein powder or baking powder for the dough, you should first mix the dry ingredients separately. Only then you’ll mix the dry dough with the wet dough. That’s how the dough becomes smooth.
Do not stir too much: instead of mixing the dough with a hand tower, you only lift the ingredients among themselves. Too strong stirring makes the dough fall down, making it flat and firm.
Ice snow: Professional tip for loose and air pancakes. Slap the eggs separately and stir the protein to ice snow, a foaming mass, is produced. The ice snow makes the pancakes easy.
A lot of proteins, little calories, that’s how healthy the protein flight is.

Here you find three delicious, low-carbohydrate pancake recipes that you don’t have to waive even when you’re low-carb diet:

1. Recipe for low-carb pancakes with fresh cheese
Low-carb pancakes with fresh cheese

Tasty low-carb pancakes with fresh cheese

Preparation:Separate the eggs and beat the protein to ice snow.
The remaining ingredients are stirred to a smooth dough using a hand tower and then cut the ice snow.
Bake out the dough in a hot pan.

2. Recipe for low-carb pancakes with banana and butter milk


One banana
Two eggs
1/4 Cup of buttermilk
1/2 Cup of almond flour
Cinnamon or vanilla as required

Preparation: Mix the almond flour with cinnamon or vanilla. Separate eggs and stiff the protein.
Squeeze bananas with a fork and mix with egg yolks and butter milk. Mix with the flour and last blow the protein.
In medium heat, bake out from each side a few minutes.
That’s the poorest calorie variety

3. Recipe for low-carb pancakes with protein powder

Preparation:Require all ingredients with a mixer. Finally, bake four small pancakes evenly in a hot pancake.


Two eggs
2 Tablespoon Greek yogurt
2 Tablespoon Vanille-Whey
1 Teaspoon baking powder
1 cup of milk
1 cup of sprinkle water
Oil for breaking up

For which one of the 3 recipes you decided, have fun to make your healthy low-carb pancakes.



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