The art of designing for moments.

Building expriences and designing for Moments,
Building expriences and designing for Moments,

Finding the ‘just right’ experience

We all know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears: the little girl wants to find the perfect porridge. Not too hot, not too cold, but juuust right.

If Goldilocks was a business and the porridge an experience, you end up with the question: how can businesses find the just right experience for their customers?

According to a recent Accenture study, 77% of customers feel a brand earns their loyalty if it takes immediate action when they are unhappy.

Conversely, the same study found that after a bad experience, 38% of customers gave a portion of their wallet to a different business, and another 39% stopped doing business with the brand. …

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Just make it simple they say.

We’ve all been there. Someone says “We need to make this easier” or “We need to make this simpler”. Sounds easy enough but what does making it simpler really mean? How do you know your working towards a simpler experience?

Lets take a look at Hicks Law, which is a system that says the more choices you present your users with, the longer it will take them to reach a decisions. …

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Applying service design to align, design, orchestrate, and scale your digital transformation.

Digital transformation often falls victim to the technology trap and points us to focus on…Human Transformation.

Transforming your business digitally means permanently modifying your business’ DNA by embracing tech-enabled change. It requires new mindsets and behaviors. Without these “inner” shifts, the “external” implementation of new structures, systems, processes or technology do not produce their intended ROI.

The implications of such an organizational shift reframe any discussion on digital transformation to point us to focus on the humans (employees and customers) at the epicenter of transformational change.

Humans, and their experience as recipients and activators of change

From the C-suite to line employees and far-reaching stakeholders, the experience of people is a critical element of transformation success, and inadvertently, it is often the element most likely to be overlooked or de-prioritized. …


Joe Johnston

Creative Director and co-head of studio @ymedialabs

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