Living with a wearable device

I’ve had the Apple Watch since it was released, April 24th. I’ve been using it just about every day since. Here’s my insights.

What I’ve been using it for?
Notifications and Travel — Delta, Uber, Marriott, Weather, overall health info.

What it’s great at?
Notifications and keeping focus.

What it's not so good at?
First, it’s not a phone or a replacement to the phone, it’s a watch. Keeping that in mind it serves the main purpose of a watch: Telling time. The challenges are turning the screen on when the wrist is raised. It works 85% of the time, but not every time — and it should. I also wish it had the ability to always be on.

Although I can get two days on one charge I wish it was a bit longer. When I’m traveling its just another cord I have to take.

How about as a fashion accessory?
Lets face it, it’s a digital watch. It will never have the elegance of a fine crafted, analog timepiece. Nor will it have the longevity.

I do have a few bands. I have the milanese loop which I like and it’s what I wear the most.

What I’m looking forward to it doing in the future?
More integrations that make life easier and frictionless. Making things just happen. Home, auto, and other daily activities. Less apps and more contextual experiences.

Is it worth wearing?
The real test here is:

“If I forget it will I turn around and return home to get it?”

Nope, not if I have my phone. Maybe version 2 will change that.

I’m Group UX Director at Huge. You can follow me on twitter at @merhl.