Joe Johnston
May 23 · 2 min read

This is the place where Service Design, Agile, and Lean meet, where research and insight through co-creation meet rapid software development and systems efficiency initiatives. This means working with the people who will deliver the service experience over time — they will also have their behavior changed and will need to play a central role in this approach. This means more than just prototyping a mobile App, the need to prototype the people, the processes involved and the operating/organizational model that will be critical in the delivery of the product and service that is being designed. Needing an important view into refining the business, operating and technology models that will allow the service to run as a profitable business.

The MVE must be just enough of the experience of the total service proposition to validate the human value being created and the business model required to deliver it profitably. To do that it must also be able to test critical end-to-end service visions and components, from front stage concepts to back stage processes, both business models and technology capabilities, organizational structures and operating models, with a focus on a Human-centered mindset and behavior that are essential to delivering the service.

Prioritizing and selecting what makes up an MVE can be a challenging and daunting task at any size of business. One approach that can be applied is the Total Value Model. The process can be broken down into three main areas.

Benefits of Building Better Services/Products using Minimum Viable Experiences.

  • Understanding and Uncovering the opportunities and gaps across organizational groups produces better planning and executions on new product and services roll outs.
  • Eliminates the cost of fixing unforeseen issues when lunching products and services
  • Preparing for scalability, identifying potential operational/business gaps and challenges

Joe Johnston

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Creative Director and co-head of studio @ymedialabs (Alum of @Hugeinc )

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