10 reasons why Muslims are the worst.
SF Ali

1-i just don’t understand the relation between the title , the photo and the context , there are things that u’ve mentioned were true ( and it can be true for any other community ) but how could this “ stop other people later “ ? ..

u just used these title , slogan and photo to attract people to read your text :/

pleaaase , if your community is like that then i can’t tel that you are a good muslim .

HYGIENE , love , mercy , respecting the other religions ( and not only Jewish ) , respecting time , tolerance and so many other features are recommended for any muslim

2- Islam is ( as any other religion ) a way of living for individuals and communities , any one can take it and use it in his life , it’s independent of race , sex or age .

if you don’t respect those rules , this doesn’t mean that all muslim are like you (thank God i live in a community where the mosque is very clean and organized )

i understand the idea of trying to be humorous but as a muslim i confirme that this is funny ( cuz it exists in some communities and not only the muslim ones ) ,

but it’s not a general truth

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