A Social Experiment

My skepticism of crowdfunding and crowd-sourcing is generally very high. Why should I give my hard earned money to a person/company that can’t raise money the old fashioned way? I work hard, why should they just have to put up a few links and talk on social media? That being said, I was recently lectured on the “good of people” etc. Someone told me that people innately want to help others. Leaving the politics of this aside, I think this is complete bull shit. People want to help themselves; they have no interest in helping someone else, especially if they get nothing in return. To prove my point, I am setting up “indiegogo life” campaigns for items/experiences that are attainable yet lofty to say the least. There are no “perks” I am offering nothing in return; simply giving the people a chance to “help”.

I will post my updates here on Medium; I do not intend on promoting these campaigns anywhere else. No spam on facebook, no emails, no twitter. I am just leaving them out there for the world to discover and “help” if they feel so inclined.